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I love this! Its got a lot of symbolism in it, and the play of the heart-shaped reflection of the wedding ring right beside the word heartless… Good stuff man 4 stars from me! :slight_smile:

Very nicely done. Great idea behind it. I didn’t get it at first but then I saw the shadow and said “OHHHH” hahaha. Very nice!

wonderful work! yes definately agree with all the symbolism here is done wonderfully. It feels like it needs a tiny bit more colour and contrast emphasis, but it does what it needs to do, congrats!

3 and a half from me, so 4 =D

It’s a very clever piece.

Situating the ring on a dictionary and tweaking the lights in such a way the shadows would look like a heart.

Well done.

cool, but it looks eerily similar to a picture on the maxwell render website.

ive never been there before…can you link meh?

Very good one! Both the idea and the final result!

5 stars from me!


what? can you believe this got declined from the CGTalk gallery?

ehh, whatever…

Well that’s because I think there is a very simillar image on Maxwell(?) Renderer’s site …showing off various types of lighting effects … I think I visited it about a week ago …
Still though very nicely done !

yeah, someone else here said that. can someone link me to that? cause i have not seen it.

That is the image people are referring to…

Anyway, nice render! I really loved the imagery and irony. Great job!

If you’ve been to any major photography site, you’ll see hundreds of these so it’s not an original idea. :rolleyes: If this guy wasn’t allowed to keep his post at CGTalk, then the other guy shouldn’t either.
Good implementation but as I’ve said, I’ve seen this stuff photographed quite a lot.

yes, the idea obviously wasnt mine, i had just not seen it done in 3d, and gave it a shot.