Heat of the night

[edit]Fixed the image[/edit]

Wallpaper size (1280 x 960).

Old in wallpaper size (1280 x 960).

The blend (683 KB).

If anyone knows how to make a radiosity lighting mesh non-rendering while remaining lighting, please let me know (see crystal-like icospheres in fire stream).

I like it, good model, nice textures and colors. The skin and muscles on his back look great. I would curve his hands a bit and not have the fingers streched out and it would be nice if he had larger teeth. The fire looks really good but it doesn’t seem to come out of his mouth. Again, the model itself is great, I would love to see more poses.

The fire’s a little weird where it’s coming from, the head’s facing one way, but the fire’s going another…

Looks quite good.

A few notes. The textures seem to be good, but I’d suggest using some Nor ones and maybe a bit bump mapping. The lighting also needs work. The fire seem to be coming not from his mouth. Add some smoke. Also, some blur would add a nice touh to it.

Keep it up!


Uploaded fixed image. See first post.

I had translated the fire into the mouth after parenting it to the armature and it popped back to where it was. Fixed.

Also did a few tweaks:
Increased blur factor.
Gave the teeth a material %|.
Tweaked lighting.
Added curvature to dactyls.

Hmmm. Maybe I should have posted this in WIP %|.

Thaks for the crits, all.

Eva: Fire’s back where it should be. Curled all the dactyls a bit more to make it look more natural. I gave the teeth a proper material so now they should be more visible.
I intend to do at least one more scene with the dragon. Using two variants of the model for a good vs. evil battle.

Jeeves: The dragon is gliding through the air, so the flame is trailing behind. Being a gas it doesn’t have a great deal of inertia with which to battle drag.

Antiggo: Yeah, I agree about the texture normals. They are there but the AO and/or radiosity doesn’t seem to reveal them at all.
Smoke would be good, but I didn’t see that before the new render. If a do another render, I’ll try it.
It did have motion blur, but the blur factor wasn’t high enough. Fixed now.

Nice dragon Surt! :slight_smile:

I might be attempting a dragon for the current CGtalk speed model session (dragon theme), so I appreciate what you’ve done here.

Never worry about updating a “finished project,” because this is the part of the forum where if you thought you were done people will be more than happy to let you know you’re not and thankfully often provide helpful commentary to fulfill the potential of your image. Often that means more work, sometimes a lot of work, but it is worth it because you get better and your images get better too :slight_smile:

And what you have here has much potential, so do keep at it and thanks for posting :slight_smile:


What I meant was that it looked like it was coming out in front of his mouth, instead of from his mouth (if that makes sense). But it looks much better now.

only 2 crits:
It would benifit from even more mothion blure (not too much mind you), and the fire now looks like it’s coming from his chin… :-? Try making it more visible when it’s inside the mouth.

The flame should be a bi more dramatic, and should obscure the mouth a bit more. It looks rather weak at the moment, though I suppose it could be easily fixed.


wings are a bit low poly, you should add some vertices to have an ‘umbrella-like’ effect between fingers