Heatgun Renders - Critique

Hello everyone,

I made a render of Heatgun I designed,Feedback and Critique is welcome.

My lighting setup, the floor material and the main plastic material

Thanks for your time!

Nice shape but it looks a bit plain. Also, i don’t see a trigger.

A heatgun generally doenst have a trigger, you turn it on and set a temprature.
but I’m especially curious about the lighting and material setup, is it any good?

Sorry, i assumed it was some sort of fictional weapon. I didn’t even know something like that existed until now.

The materials look good, i don’t see a power cord or any place for a battery to be placed into. I’ve also googled and noticed that most/all heat guns seem to have a sort of air inlet/outlet.

Lighting seems good except for the one at the back, background i am guessing you’re still working on?

I’m wondering where it pulls the air in? Solution could be as simple as using Boolean modifier to add some venting slots at the top and/or sides.

I used blender to make renders and I forgot to model the holes in the body, the original is a CAD model (solidworks). And yes it’s missing a powercord, is was mainly just the design that mattered. The lighting isn’t focused on the one in the back, because is only show that the heatgun can stand on his own.
Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t really care if the model is accurate or not – I’m focused on the materials and the overall look of things… which I think are great.

Thanks! That was actually what I was looking for in terms of feedback (the rest is fine too).

Exactly. That leaves the modeling up for criticism. :wink:

BTW clear pinching here:

I suppose the dark/black plastic in the front could be given a very fine uniform noise as bump. Beyond that I really can’t think of much to improve in materials.