HeathCote Proof-of-Concept

Hey guys!

This proof-of-concept image was a private commission from Melbourne based company Room11 Architects (Room11.com.au). It was whipped up and sent off in approximately 5 hours, rendered in Cycles and Post-pro’d in PS :slight_smile:


quite nice :slight_smile: lets give it a few stars. nice work.

I like it!
Well composed.
The interior is too lightened, IMO. Not natural.
I just can’t understand this 5 hours of render time. Something is probably wrong on this setup. It should be 10 mins or 30 mins max.

@ctadaBomb: Thanks man! :slight_smile:
@Michalis: The rendering itself did not take 5 hours, it took about 20 minutes. The entire work from concept to out the door took 5 hours :slight_smile: Also thanks for the comments about lighting, I have to agree.

Nice image with a fairly realistic outcome. :). A few comments. I find the white area to look like frost or snow though. How did you make the grass? Was it photoshopped or done in Blender? Curious about the man in the foreground, is he a model or an alpha image?

Hey Paint Guy, thanks for the Comment :). I was trying to go more for emotive than realistic with this one. The grass was PS’d, including the man in the foreground. All elements took some rather heavy editing mind you to fit in :P. Thanks again!