heaven at sunset

this is a render of a scene that i later intend to use for an ad…the aim is photorealism. comments and crits are invited regarding the light setup. is the amount/color of light adequate for the sunset? any other suggestions? the image has been rendered with blender internal with AO, touched up in gimp with softglow and levels correction…i have just used one area light in front of the sky image. please comment.



First off, nice image.

The amount of light hitting the floor may be right, but there is little/no reflected light.

The back of the walls should get some, as well as the back of any object. Perhaps try rendering it in something more accurate, like yafray or indigo. Then use that pass just for the reflected light, or for the whole thing, whatever you feel looks best.


Very good picture, but I’m not too sure about the shadow on the guitar and stool, I think it should be going more towards the camera, because the sun looks like it’s on the right.
Other than that, I think you’ve done a very good job with this image, the modelling and the colour of the lighting are spot on.

I would say your losing a lot of photorealism with the sky. Dont get me wrong, the picture is great, but it looks too flattened, adn ends up looking like a picture slaped on the window. Other than that, I would polace a lamp or something(with spec turned of) behind that wall.
keep it up!

okay, here is another updated render…didnt do much other than adding another area light with a little less illuminating power. well, the interiors are dark intentionally, as i said, this picture is gonna be made into an ad, and the black area is where the copy of the ad is gonna be written.

i couldnt get what to do with the sky? it is indeed pasted on a plane normal to the camera. any suggestions? jor should i move it to the finished work section?

It’s nice, but the white line along the horizon is disturbing. Get rid of it.

its the wall, reflecting the sun.

But that’s really hard to tell. Looking at both images, that makes sense, but only after you said it.

Maybe make the wall lower, so we see more of the background and the top of the wall? And add a dim light to illuminate the back of the wall, as well. Just a little bit of reflection will already help us see it.

And speaking of reflection, the floor seems a bit too polished. I’m not sure what your setting is, but it looks like a garage (?). If you make the floor a bit more dull - so we don’t see the chair and guitar reflections as much - that would help the scene make sense.

Last of all, I like the first image better as far as glow. It was much easier to look at, and I don’t think a sunset would give you that much glow from the objects.

Great job! If photorealism is the goal, you’re almost there! What is this going to be advertising?

it is just gonna be a dummy ad for my portfolio…not sure about the product yet, probably a retirement plan…wot say? and as i said, i want the inside of the rom to be dark so i can place the text of the ad copy over it.