Heaven's Angels


(Clockmender) #21

OK, I have a question:

I have a smoke image on a black background - I want to make the black see-through, how can I do this?

Thanks, Clock.

(Clockmender) #22

Hey Clock!

I know how to do that, see below:

Cheers, Clock. ???

Why is that as soon as I ask a question here, I immediately think of the answer…

(Clockmender) #23

Tut, tut, tut, young ladies of today:

One lady biker left to go, maybe tomorrow, seriously tired now… And I am not sure where to put her. :yum:

Cheers, Clock. :sunglasses:

(Clockmender) #24

Here are our lovelies outside the cafe with waitress Nikki, who seems to be leading them into bad ways:

All the girls were made with MakeHuman and various additions of mine and from MH add-on resources. I have finally sorted out how to load the resources into MH directories and how MakeClothes works inside Blender. Some of them have standard MH clothes with altered materials from me. Each has the standard 163 bone armatures that allow for facial expressions. Honey was made several years ago when MH still used Rigify armatures, so she is actually more difficult to pose in some regards, but has IK/FK options that make certain poses easier. I have added IK chains to the new girls’ armatures for arms and legs to ease the posing tasks.

NowI had better get on with the poses and animations on the bikes - billions of keyframes to go here I think. I also need more detail in the cafe and on the tables outside.

Each of the girls has a sub-division mod on all parts, but my Mac seems to handle all this very well. I will render final versions on my server so I can use the graphics card rather than processor. This machine had a minor crisis when the disc containing the operating system decided to fly south, it has been replaced with a 480Gb Seagate Solid State disc.

Cheers, Clock. :beer:

(Clockmender) #25

Another view:

Cheers, Tick-Tock :beer:

(SterlingRoth) #26

you could also try this node setup for a cleaner smoke:

(Clockmender) #27

Sweet. thank you so much!

Cheers, Clock. :beer:

(Clockmender) #28

So, in the best Alfred Hitchcock tradition, I have made a virtual me, reasonably accurate I have to admit, in my favourite felt hat. I did narrow my waist a little from true life, these things we must do…

Here I am then just walking down from my truck to get a bite to eat and a beer just as the girls rock up:

The cafe is a favourite customer of virtual me, by the way, for various products that I can virtually supply. :smoking: :wine_glass:

I am working on the walk cycle as a further learning exercise, so don’t look too closely at the pose just yet.

Cheers, Clock. :pirate_flag: :beer:

PS. The truck came from another, simpler, project, so I will refine it over time.


I think Honey’s hair is a little too shiny, so I will put that on my ToDo list.

(Speed7) #29

Pull the other leg, that one has bells on it! This is just as coincidental as me rocking up just as the girls pitch up.

And what do you know!


Could just not resist!

PS: Could also not resist this. I am sure that the girl with the number plate PSY is named Patsy, right?

PSS: Jokes aside looking GREAT, keep it up.

PSSS: Game is done, here is the link.


Speak soon my friend.


(Clockmender) #30

Nah, her name is Helen, which prompts the question “Why that number plate?” Note: no answer was forthcoming from Clock. One of my mates had the number “P 115 SYX” on his Yammy R1 last time I saw him, hmmm, I wonder why?

You are looking suspiciously like Pierce Brosnan there, rather than your normal look… :rofl::rofl:

Now, I have fixed my “Ray-Ban Aviators” - a must for any pilot. :sunglasses:

I will look at your game tomorrow, time for “cocoa and coke”, ermmmmm “cocoa and chocolates”, I mean of course…

Thanks for the kind words ref the project, much appreciated.

Cheers, Clock. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Clockmender) #31

Oh, I forgot to post this picture of Missy doing her thing standing on the bike seat:

Goodnight, Clock. :sleeping:

(Clockmender) #32

Jeez, now Sarah is at it as well, hold tight Millie…

I think I have much of the structure of the animations for two of the bikes now, so I will add the structure for the others, then its detail time, i.e. the other 80% of the work. :wink:

Cheers, Clock.


Second view (another preview render):

(Clockmender) #33

I have corrected several mistakes in previous cafe renders:

  • Honey’s hair was too shiny.
  • Helen’s bike was parked with the lights still on.
  • Poses where a little “off” in places.
  • Virtual me’s sunglasses’ frames were too thick.
  • Other minor issues.
  • Ciggy and cigar smoke not so good, so I altered the material a little.

Let me know if you spot anything that needs improving. The revised cafe scene is below:

I have added the umbrellas, more on Napier Motorcycles later, for those of you who do not know about them…

For the poses I am trying to make the pose myself, then measure what is a realistic rotation angle of any point, then apply these to the girls’ armatures so they look more realistic - still a way to go here I think, every time I look at the girls I see little errors, or things that could be improved. Oh well this is going to be a long job. :smile:

For the bike lights, I have added some bones to the rigs that effect the emission strength of the lights as you rotate them. So I can turn off the head and tail lamps and flash the indicators (where fitted). As you may have seen the girls mainly rely on hand signals, but helen’s bike, being more modern, has indicators. Virtual me is enjoying a pint ad a cigar in the shade while I wait patiently for my meal, could be some time with this lot in the cafe I think. I have also modified Amber’s clothes for next time, better dress material, etc. and I have revised the bike rigs to make the animations a little easier.

Cheers, Clock. :beer:

(Clockmender) #34

I have worked on the poses at the point when they all have their bike stands down and are about to dismount:

Looks like virtual me is about to get a “low 5” from Sheena. :rofl:

That represented about 6 hours of work just to get these right and the transition from riding position to these poses??

Here is a quick preview render of the girls, showing amber’s new clothes:

Cheers, Clock. :beer:

(Clockmender) #35

Sheena has some new boots and I have repainted Virtual Me’s lorry so it is less conspicuous than the previous bright orange: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Jus had a bit of a delay in proceedings, I altered one of the linked models only to find it did not update in the scene project; S***T I thought, so eventually, I plucked up courage and tried deleting the original linked model from the scene blend and then adding it back, expecting all sorts of crap to occur, mercifully the new model attached itself to the original proxy rig without anything having to be done by me - Pheeeeeew!

Cheers, Clock. :beer:

PS walk animation are progressing, I am not using MH MakeWalk yet, trying to understand the mechanics first.

(Clockmender) #36

“Now then young lady, put your foot on the footrest and the front wheel on the road. What kind of example is this to set to your fellow motorcycle riders, might I ask?”

On another note, I have worked out how to line the Blender sun with the sun in the HDRI. Yes I know it’s easy, but at my age you must make allowances! I have spent some time keyframing their head alignment on the ride, so looking around the roundabout, tilting their heads on the corners, etc. What do you think to the lighting please? :sunglasses:

You can probably tell by the amount of work I am able to do at the moment, that Mrs. Clockmender is away from home at the moment, the only drawback I can see at the moment is that I have to make my own tea in the morning rather than wait in bed for it to arrive. And I have to cook my own meals - it’s just not cricket you know - I must go and find a floozie. :plate_with_cutlery: :woman_red_haired:

Cheers, Clock. :wine_glass::smoking:

(Clockmender) #37

So, many of you will know that the old bike companies often used their V Twins for three wheeler cars, JAP for example, when these were first popular. Morgan being the classic example and still available today and finally homologated in Europe and The States. Well Napier did the same with their early side valve V twins. Much later they produced OH Valve engines, but still with pushrods and side cams, it seems OH cams never caught their imagination…

This one is a custom build, not an original, so it has a fibreglass body rather than hand rolled aluminium, a larger rear wheel and the chap who built it put two engines in driving through a 5 speed sequential gearbox and bevel transmission, then a prop shaft to another bevel drive on the rear end. I have included several pictures of the car at various stages of the build below starting with the latest:

Sofie is at the wheel, well later on she is after I got around to giving her one! (just realised this comment might be misconstrued…) I have also added the gear lever and handbrake, but not done anything with the dashboard yet. Overall length is 3.25m, width is 1.8m, max height to the top of the body is 90cm and 1,16m to the top of the head restraints/roll bars. There is room for two people, but they must not be too large…

The car is all rigged with working lights and indicators, ready for animating at some stage. I am hoping to get some sleep tonight, last night I didn’t so got quite a lot done.

Cheers, Clock. :beers:


You will note that the front end of this type of car is not particularly “pedestrian friendly”, this has always been the case with them and the first part to hit wayward pedestrians is normally a hot engine, not nice…

You can check out the latest Morgans here.


One more of the inside:

And I did this, not because I wanted to, but because I can (same reason why dogs lick their balls):

(Clockmender) #38

More progress, mainly in the car interior:

Here is Sofie standing by the car:

And here is one for my good friend @Speed7 Apparently he likes pictures of the back end of the bikes, so I thought he would like to see the back end of the car: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Cheers, Clock. :beers:

(Speed7) #39


Not a hellavella lot to misconstrue Clock…

I would say that even a bumbling Bobby could piece this one together.


PS: I love the look of that rear Shot!!!

PSS: I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post, nearly pissed myself, Missus wants to know why I cant stop

(Clockmender) #40

Ha Ha, nice one, I too have to explain my bursts of laughter at times. BTW, Millie pulled this face when I showed her your suggestion that they were getting too hot in all those clothes they are wearing:

Hmmmmm. doesn’t seem too impressed!

I now have the MH importer to Blender working on m Mac, you can find info here.

Cheers, Clock.