Heavier objects in Game Engine?

I am making an earthquake sim w/ a brick building in blender, and the bricks I made just bounce around wildly. BOUNCE?!! I have mass, and damping to FULL! Can someone please tell me how to make heavier things? Thanks!

Have you assigned a “material” to your objects?

obviously i have, does the hardness of the material in the shaders effect anything?

hardness doesn’t affect anything, what you want is in the settings when you click the DYN button, set the restitution to 0.

Your objects are probably going into each other. If they are in the bounding box of another object they will jump around the screen.

Do they bounce when they hit something, or as soon as you start the scene?

where’s DYN? Oh yeah, its ok when i start the sim, but its like I’m using softbody, it jumps up, it doesn’t stay put, it bounces when it’s supposed to shake. Here’s a little vid of me running the sim: http://www.mediafire.com/?7ge1j9gwmeg