Heavy Bunch

Hi all,

This is a design for a game I’m developing. Originally intended to be just a sprite, but went a little bit off hands :slight_smile:

Still working on everything, mainly the characters. Specially don’t know what to do with the background. Any ideas?


Kind of reminds me of the car that belonged to “The Kind of New York” from Escape from New York. Maybe use some sort of urban setting for the BG? Looks really good so far.

this looks awesome! Nice work man :slight_smile:

For the background i would recommend a desert scene, mainly because the characters remind me of mad max :wink:

Awesome model! For background I’d suggest a post-apocalyptic city scene (derelict buildings, car wrecks, cracked concrete, overgrown sidewalks) but a desert scene (as Jamie B suggests) would fit well too.

Great looking stuff! I’d put these guys in a park with lots of tire tracks all over the freshly cut grass and people fleeing for their lives.

the car looks great! looking forward to some interesting background

Hey! thank you all for your kind comments and cool ideas.
I’m making a list of assets I already made to see what I can do for a background.

I realize now I didn’t say anything about the process. Skulls and characters and made with zBrush, the rest is modeled in Blender. All rendered with cycles, obviously.

I have used very ornamented gothic fonts for all the crazy details and extruded them.

Here’s a quick update. I wanted to add more dynamism to the scene, so rotated the camera and exaggerated the focal length to give the impression the car is breaking in into the scene. Though I think it makes the elements a little bit more confusing.

Oh, and modeled an exhaust.

That’s amazing, the materials of the car are soooo real. Nice work ! (there’s so much beautful work those days with Blender by thw way). For the background I imagine something simple like a desert. Look at “scar tissue” music video from RHCP.

In fact, everybody seems to agree with the desert background.