Heavy Duty Motorcycle

Hey started this one some time ago and want to finish it now, got basic shape done and some rigging (main hydraulic pistons are rigged with working universal unions :))

Tire treads were modeled, was a lot of work :mad:


friggin sweet!

Very interesting design zanQdo, I’d like to see this in a different color hopefully a dark color.(…why do people color their vehicles yellow is beyond my comprehension, I think taxis do it to attrackt costumers but puke ;)).

he, he nice. Reminds me the Full Throttle game.

Thanks guys!
Update, finished the steering piston, fully rigged, can’t wait to show how it moves :slight_smile:



And this one is specially for you fried, hope it matches your taste :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking something more like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang. That is pretty F***king awesome modelling man.

very nice, but rear tire is off-road style, and front is street style? i think it’d look better if they were both street…

Where did you hide the engine in this beast?

looks cool…
but is the driver of this thing supposed to see anything? the front wheel is soooo huge :eek:

and like dodgydavec said…the engine
you could implent it in the rear wheels (probably you had the same idea before :wink: )

besides that, I’m looking forward seeing how it moves, too :slight_smile:

Lovely conceptual design on this. Very nice. Though it must be said that it is unlikely that the thing would ever manage to turn a corner, even with those rather swish looking hydraulics.

It’d probably just tip itself over.

Still. very nice design. :wink:

Hi guys thanks for all your coments :smiley:

I’ve been busy at work lately so not much progress, I mirrored the piston and remade the rig parentship so both pistons now work like they should (it was only one piston mirrored by a group scaled by -1 in X)

An the second thing I did was the front wheel axis :slight_smile:


PolygoneUK: thanks, I’m prety sure it will be able tu turn, you’ll see :o

chop_suey: yeah I know the guy riding that bike wound’t see a thing lol, maybe I’ll add a camera or something in the front?

dodgydavec and chop_suey: I was planing to add the engine below the pilots cabin, theres space there, but that idea of placing the motor inside the back wheel sounds cool! I’ll think about it :cool:

traitor: mmm yeah but the rear tire is the one with traction, the front one just steer… that’s the way I think of it :stuck_out_tongue:

fried: HA HA that looks evil and very cool :eek:

Ok see you guys, I hope I have time this weekend and thank you Xakh