Heavy Guass Rifle Turret

(Dittohead) #1

This is my own creation/invention it would go in the BattleTech universe.

The Guass rifle is a set of electromagnets that propel a solid titanium shell at the target.


What is battletech you ask?:

It is the 31st century and man kind is once again at war.

The battlefields of the future are dominated by huge robotic war machines known as Battlemechs.

Piloting these awesome weapons of war are men and women, the elite of the elite, knowing that each battle could be thier last.

They are,


([email protected]) #2

http://mysite.iptic.com/blownaway/ninjadone1.jpg battle mechs :you got any other stuff
D if u find X-warrior hes a battletech fan 2

(Ecks) #3

Hi you battletech freak! :wink:

Yea this is really good! I really like gauss rifle! :smiley: I was making a fafnir some time ago (you can check it here http://xwarriorblender.tripod.com/myblendersite/id6.html ) and as you see it is only a wip. 3 week ago I reinstall all my pc because I had viruses and thing like that on it…I putted the model on a disquet but this one had a malfunction and I lost everything… :frowning: :x If you dont know, A fafnir is equipped with dual Heavy gauss rifle! It is a new mech in Mech4:Mercenaries!

(Hey [email protected], will you post some pic of your work on the forum of the general mod? I think the other are waiting for that…)

(Dittohead) #4

thanks!!! :smiley:

and very nice fafnir.

i can’t wait for mercs it comes with black knight.

(AN][ARES) #5

the picture is c00l but i dont think a gauss rifle would look like this. gauss rifles are using a series of electro-magnets to accelerate a ferromagnetic substance. first the bullet wouldnt look like a std HE grenade and second the accelerating way of the turret are way to short for being effectiv. the longer the barrel the more exact the rifle will be (like in reality) and also the speed of the bullet could be improved. if the bullet experiences too much force during the acceleration it would be simply crushed. thus the barrel has to be longer.

the bullet would IMO look more like an water drop (for minimizing air resistance) and wouldn’t weigh more than several gramms. 10g with up to 90% lightspeed got enough kinetic energy for punching through EVERY known armor in a single shot

just my opinion :smiley:

a good example of a battlemech is the hollander that was build around a gauss rifle :slight_smile:
or mechs like the 2nd line mech “behemoth” that carries 1 gauss in each arm.

the battletech books say, that gauss rifle bullets look like metal eggs and have to weigh about 125kg each (cause 1 ton of ammo = 8 gauss shots of std inner sphere and clan gauss ammo)

(SGT Squeaks) #6

:o WOW, you sound like one of those tv announcers for an upcoming movie.

(Dittohead) #7

hehe lol

thats from mechwarrior 3 intro cutscene.

i coulda done better than that tho. hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

(Smerity) #8

Great models everyone!

Dittohead: I really like ur weapon there! I haven’t played MechWarrior much (yes, I know it’s said LOL). I really like the metallic textures.

X-WARRIOR: Too bad u lost ur model :frowning: It was looking really good!

AN][ARES: Technically, you would need more energy than produced on Earth right now to propel one 10 gram metallic bullet to 90% the speed of light. In Einstein’s laws, to put it simply, when an object starts going that fast, the object’s weight increases, thus needing more energy to propel it. Also, if it went through any kind of atmosphere (O2, CO2, anything) it would cause so much resistance that’s it would probably burst into a fireball and melt down… I do agree with u though, if anything was going that fast, nothing would stand a chance.

(S68) #9

Very nice texturing!