Heavy Weapons Guy - TF2

Disclaimer people, sorry, but I didn’t model this or create the textures. :wink:
Don’t know if this is stepping on some copyright law’s toes either, it shouldn’t because I’m not selling this model.

I exported the Heavy Weapons guy model from .max to .3ds and then into blender where I fixed up the textures because they were offset just a bit to the left, then I packed the textures, compressed the file, and saved it as .blend.

I also created new materials for the UV textures and got that all set up properly, turned the specularity down so Heavy looks more organic than metallic. By the way, the .blend file is currently in GLSL mode, so for those who have video cards that don’t support GLSL switch it back to Blender Multitexture in the Game menu.

Game Engine use:
Press P to start the game engine and use A and D to rotate around the model.

I used 3Ds Max to do the export, I don’t have a magical freeware .max to .3ds converter. :no:

.blend file download (2.6mb):
//edit: These blend files have been updated, I removed the normals and joined the triangles.

If you have trouble with the file in the above link, try here:

What you get (“material” includes the textures of course):
-Heavy weapons guy model
-Red team material
-Blue team material
-Heavy’s head material
-Blue iris material
No sasha :frowning: (heavy’s gun)

I’ll be posting a video here, maybe.

[edit]: since the forum blocks p a s t e a l l (********) you have to type it in your self if you want.

Can’t open it man xo

uh oh… i’ll try switching it from glsl to just multitexture, try downloading again in a few minutes.

@gamemaster, try the pasteall link. just added it :wink:

you should remove the doubles and join the triangles…
There are a lot of doubles!

I’m not accustomed to modeling and that sort, so how might I go about removing doubles and joining the triangles? Any good certain way?

Easy! Just take the mesh into edit mode, select it all, & go to the Edit Buttons tab.
click Remove Doubles, then Join Triangles a couple of times…



Does joining triangles actually affect performance, though? I think the GE triangulates all quads when you start it. Disclaimer: I don’t know what I’m talking about.

look like a guy from team fortress 2

Wow that’s so cool.
Useually I don’t like characters taken over from other games but this one is awesome. xD

Ps, there’s one small bug in his left shoulder (front view) in the back… One of the faces is sort of blinking. When u turn it to alpha it will be fine.

@YoungApprentice: Thanks for the help! I usually don’t use the Mesh Tools in edit buttons because I use hotkeys when ever I’m in edit mode so I’ve never used these buttons.

@PlantPerson: Not sure, my first intention wasn’t to use it in the GE but I wanted to rig it and maybe animate it. Having no triangles (or less) is actually nicer and creates less weird deformations.

@gamemaster: I didn’t notice it :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the new blend file, from 2 sources in case one doesn’t work. The doubles ARE removed and the triangles joined, thanks YoungApprentice for telling me this!

Blend files:

  1. http://www.pasteall.org/blend/2340
  2. http://riyuzakisan.zxq.net/blend%20files/other/Heavy%20Weapon%20Guy.blend

ps. i’ll edit my first post here to include these updated files.


I updated the eyes, they are now spheres! I completely forgot about this when fixing the other meshes (removing doubles and fixing trianges). But here is the new file with the eyes:

The blend file on my site receives all of these updates as well, but I think I’ll just stick with pasteall.

Very nice. Looks almost exactly like the original game model.

I’d paint some wrinkles around the groin of the pants, like here:


That’s all I can really think of right now. Excellent work!

@padfoot7726: Thanks. i believe it is actually the original game model, i can’t verify that though because I found them in a rar file online, they were all .max files. I have all of the character models from the game, they all look like the originals and I couldn’t tell any difference between gameplay them and the model I have.

It looks INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t resist giving it some toon shading though :slight_smile:


Lol downloading…
Comments later :smiley:

hey yeah i found a model pack of all the tf2 guys (and thier weps :D)


there not as good as urs tho lol

@The Dawisch: Toon Heavy, nice! Should I upload the other TF2 characters as well?

I’ll have to make a new topic for it. It would take approx 1 hour or so to export the max files to 3ds and then those imported to Blender, fix the meshes up (remove doubles, join trianges), then upload to pasteall.org.

@Glitch999: The link doesn’t work, it just leads to the filedropper homepage.

sorry for takin that long dude but SIMPLY Awesome :smiley:
nice modeling and polys balancing…i could notice that u didnt save much polys with the face and saved it just the reight amount with the body and accessories…for me? perfect :smiley:
Kind regards,