Heavy Weapons Guy

I quickly started the Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2.
This is my first real attempt at character modeling so bear with me.
Progress after some extrusion and tweaking.

I still need to knife out the fingers and add the facial features, as well as other items like bags and the ammo belt that he wears. Whatever, its a start!

Worked on cutting out the fingers, its not quite how I wanted it, but its a start.

I was just wondering, is there any way to hide part of the mesh so that I can just see the fingers with the thumb and arm out of the way?

yes, you can select what you want to hide and press H to hide it, pressing alt H will unhide it.
Alt+B lets you drag a box and everything outside of that box will not be viewable. alt+B again to return the view to normal.

Do you intent to sculpt this?


Looks good so far…

KEEP it up always good to model others then you can see how the pro’s work with mesh haah
soon you’ll be modeling your own characters for you own game! BEST OF LUCK!