I just cleaned up this sample of a vault door closing and formatted it for blender 2.8, if anyone wants a nice sound for perhaps the footsteps of some mechanical monstrosity or the like. Would also work well for a number of other things, but when I heard it, I definately thought imperial walker, mech, that sort of thing.

*taken down sorry!

If it only worked! I mean, this is the first time I ever got a sound out of Blender, but I can not hear the sound when I use the arrowkeys or when dragging the green line, Also when I make copies of the sound, only the original plays well.

Hans Petter

load it into the sequence editor with shift A (which will give you a menu and then browse options) , drag it to the first track (it appears at the top of the sequence editor, attached to your mouse) set it to oh i dunno frame 1 or 2. then use the arrow keys, or press alt A as if you were playing your animation in the 3D or ipo window. should work. ask me again when you need to save your audio track. hope it works for you

NOTE: you won’t see the audio sequence until you drag it by moving your mouse! also, you must have your mouse pointer in the sequence window when you hit shift A! [!]

I’ve done exactly like that, but it does not help. Blender version is 2.28a, and Win NT 4.

hm, I have no idea where you are going wrong. have you been able to load a video? Loading audio works the same way. I am puzzled as to why this is not working for you. BTW i tried that sound out before putting it up, so i know for sure that it loads in 2.8. If you like, I can pack it into a blend file and put it up for you.