Hector - a character & a scene

I’m new to Blender so I decided to put together a scene to learn more about its modelling tools.

Drag these links into your address bar to view:

I though I should get some feedback on the modelling of the character and scene before I moved onto texturing. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Those are excellent! Can’t wait for more. Please stick around.

Great stuff!

Imaginative, quirky, full of character.

Looking forward to seeing more of this.

hey it looks like one of Tim Burtons claymation films.looks great.

Very cool style indeed. No crits at all.


excellent, iam guessing you are a big fan of tim burton

What 3d package did you use before blender. This is way beyond the abilities of somebody with no 3d experience whatsoever…

I can’t see the image. i only see the tripod logo

I can’t see images too.

piovasco, sliker:

If the pictures don’t appear, try dragging these links into your address bar:

:smiley: Very “Nightmare Before Christmas”-like.

Actually it also reminds me of the “still-in-the-making” Rustboy project.


The chair scene makes reminds me of Dr Seuss

definataly a great style there… now i’m wondering what it’ll look like after it is all textured… keep going :smiley:

now i hatee to go off topic but that looks like an interesting story… though the creator claims that he is making childrens stories out of it… maybe i dont know enough about it yet to judge but it sure dont look like something i would let my kids read… it looks more like a gothic story for midle school or highschool girls…just seems like its a bit to dark for a 7 year old…

okay i’m done going off topic for now…

Thanks for the responses guys! I’d appreciate any thoughts that you might have about texturing - I don’t want the image to lose any charm it might have through poor use of colour…

A few other packages, nothing costing more than free-with-a-magazine: Carrara, Bryce, Metasequoia and the ancient fore-runner to Simply 3D, Visual Reality.

You can derefer your images (or any file) like this:

But a better choice is a free hotlinkable image host.

good concept, but need more work