Hedgehog Labs live link substance painter

I found this:

A addon for a live link between blender and substance painter

do anybody know this?


Weird it’s developer didn’t post it here. Thanks for sharing. Will check it now.

here it is :

They’re actually two different things. One is the livelink with Painter, and the other is a SBSAR plugin. The live link one is free.

hi guys, yeah i’ve been busy developing so i forget to post it here, if you havee any comments let me know…

and yeah im developing also the sbsar plugin, so you know where to find me

Great work.
But where can I download the live link?
On your website I can’t find a download link.

or am I missing someting?


Does this not work? https://gumroad.com/l/jKmeF

Oh my mistake, i’m not really a substance user, but I’m planning to learn it to integrate in my workflow, so sorry if it is a dumb question, but what exactly is the difference between those 2 ? It seemed to me the aim is to link some substance material to blender in both…

and btw, a great thanks to ymmanuel, both addons seems fantastic :slight_smile: eager to test !

With the Painter one you can send your current work to Blender instantly and see the result. With SBSAR I don’t think you need to have Substance open. It will read the file format straight from your drive. But I am not entirely sure.

what is the error

/Documents/Substance Painter 2/plugins/old1-hedgehog-connect/main.qml:6:1: module “QtQuick” version 2.7 is not installed

Which substance painter are you using? the plugin needs the 2017 version. i think you are using SP2 or so…

Amazing tool, thanks you really much ymmanuel.

Just tried it quickly. work perfectly fine… Mabye i will prefer it keep the roughness, metalic, AO map separated. ( but well personal preferences )

(tested on windows 10 x64, Blender 2.79, Substance 2017 ( substance painter 2 )… ( for have direct update guys dont forget to connect the link in both SP and Blender ).

Thanks Lane, good to know it is working. It would be good to know why you keep the textures separated? i pack them mainly to improve loading speed while rendering and reduce memory space as well,

But if you have a specific reason of why is better to have them unpacked and is a common topic between multiple users i might add that option in the near future.

I’ve received many questions about this but mainly because a lot of people doesn’t know what packed textures are (i thought that was a really common concept)

Well in reality this is more linked to substance painter. when you export with the standard PBR_metal_rough, you have base color, roughness, metalic, normal, height etc. I think unity is using a packed version. ( or unreal 4 dont remember )