Hedgehog Modeling



Hello! I have been looking everywhere for a good, sort-of-realistic looking hedgehog model, but it seems that they are either nonexistent, or as expensive as a real hedgehog (no kidding!)! So what I’m trying to do, is make or find a good hedgehog model. I’m not the best at modeling, but welcome help and suggestions! If one of you can make a good hedgehog model (low-poly but not too unrealistic. It doesn’t need to be rigged, because I’m not bad at that XD), then I would love for you to post a download in the comments. If you would like, I will give full credits in the game I’m making! Thanks! EDIT: I just noticed that I left out the fact that I want the hedgehog to be in a game. Sorry!

(Yukari) #2

Well, first I would have a good amount of reference pictures to look at. I would approach modeling this by creating a basic shape first, like a sphere with the bottom half flattened, and then adding more details as I go. For the spines I would use a particle system. This video should be helpful in explaining that!

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I forgot to mention the fact that the hedgehog is going to be in a game! I edited the original post. Thanks though!