Hi guys,

this is my first blender project (first good looking, of course not really first, I am working with blender for about 2 month)
It was not very difficult, just lot of particles. Maybe too many, because render time was 5 hours and working with this project is almost not possible anymore :frowning: Probably because of all that grass, everything is very slow.
Anyway, I hope you like it.


looks great! but where are the ears and eyes? and the spikes of the hedgehog should get darker towards the body. furthermore i think a little more defocus would make the image more realistic…

Thanks for the advices. Ears are missing because I was focused on the particles, I just made very quick model of the hedgehog. Next model will be more detailed :slight_smile:

Very nice , wel done.Looking forward to see your next project.

That’s one fantastic looking hedgehog!