HEDGEWARS 3D a clone of Worms 3D

hi I’m doing a clone of worms 3D is the name Hedgewars 3D. Hedgewars2D is a clone of worms2D. Here’s the link to download hedgewars2D “http://www.chip.de/downloads/Hedgewars_32453115.html”. I’m still not very far and could use help. Here’s a photo of the first trial
i think it s look good

Well this seems kind of cool but you really need to give more information about what you need from us modeling, concept art, scripting etc. you need to give more information and maybe some more screens rather than a simple character.

I need someone, the scripting.

I need someone who can answer my questions of all kinds because I’m still a beginner.

I need someone to help me in the 2dMaps 3dMaps rebuild.
Here’s an example:

I need someone who can texture well

Well you need to tell us what you need modeled, textured and scripted so we can help. What questions do you need answered? But by the way for a beginner trying to make a game like this isn’t the best way to start off.

Question 1: when i shot of a wall must came hole. how does it work? with a script?

Question2: with right click to open a menu where you can change the weapons . how does it work? with a script or how?

Question 3: How can I make a precise crosshair?

here is a shooting hedgehog

Do you know how to script in python because yes the first two questions can use scripting.

http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/GameDoc/OverlayScene/OverlayScene_BlenderGameEngine_1.html for question 3

Question 4: How can I turn out the mouselook script and then the add a mouse crusor for the weapon menü ???

the cross hair is not precise. the ball tont touch the target. you undestand ???
hers a pictur:

http://www.fileuploadx.de/171798 her is the link for the download its free

Question 5: I need water in the game. how does it work?

i know how to do water in game. but the problem i have is that i need to know how to make it loop properly and how to make normal maps. so i can use it as texture to put on a plane

so i get the nice water movement

can you give me an example. a blender file?

i have made a weapon swich.when i now shoot the shot comes from the previous weapon. how can I Change change that

her is a shoot with a bazooka

these shoots bazooka grenade cartridges! ^ ^ I do not want them to shoot

how can I make an opponent???

please help me with the weapon swich

Why not just look up some tutorials maybe this project is to much for you to handle you haven’t come that far and you already had run into a lot of problems