HeDLok: Demo Images!

(TorQ) #1

I have finally put up a temporary website with some early shots of my demo. Check it out!


Please let me know if there are any problems with downloading the site. Thanx.


(SeaCigar) #2
  1. looks cool to me. One very minor complaint however, which is more of a suggestion than a complaint: make the main character sensitive to light.
    This is easy to do: first, put the lamps up in your scene the way you want them to look. Then, select your character, go into face mode, select all the faces, then go to the paint buttons. Once you have your paint buttons up, select the lighting button, and then press the copy draw mode button.
    it should be set up after that.

you may have a few kinks to iron out: first and foremost, sometimes the character will seem like it isn’t responding to the light: this is most likely because you have painted on the character with vertexpaint, and that paint doesn’t register light, unfortunately…
also, To make sure you aren’t in complete darkness in well lit areas, you may want to parent a few lights to your character, so he is lit…
lastly, someone told me that you can only have 8 realtime lamps per layer, per scene; you may want to experiment with this to verify it.
Also, you can try deleting old lights, and then creating new ones, as you go into new areas, so that you can create the illusion of more than 8 lights being on at one time in a level

well, I hope I helped :wink:

(TorQ) #3

Thanks for the input. The first screen of the character is before I added the realtime lights. The other three shots of the character running do in fact have realtime lighting going on its just not apparent in the still shot. Which brings me to a question that I have been meaning to ask today…

(joecool) #4

it won’t let me download

(Fred_Pyo) #5

WOW :o

It I like! Yeah, the lighing will improve the “realisticness”, [although it’s excellent already]. I just wanna see the run animation cycle, because in the 3 pics the character is in the same frame of animation.
The texturing is also very well done.

But the bast way for us to know how the game really is, is, is, by playing it! I wanna play it!

Who are the ones involved in this? Or you did it all by yourself until now???



(TorQ) #6

Unfortunately its not a game yet. You canjust run around a little bit. And yes I have done all the work so far. I have been working on iot for about a week now.

(S_W) #7

Wow, awesome level design! Looks great to me! :smiley:

(Pooba) #8

Awesome! This looks like it’ll be a great game. Is this the game you want somebody to help on the programing?

The biggest problem i have when creating a game is finding the right textures. That’s why my games (like roller) usually don’t use textures. Where do you get your textures, or if you make them, what program do you use? Your game is textured really nicely.


(S_W) #9

Try this site:

(saluk) #10

Looks very good. I especially want to commend you on the lighting, as it is truly great. Modelling, texturing, all very good. Looks almost as good or better than quake so far, which really says a lot. Shows that blender engine isn’t as shabby as some would believe.

Keep up the good work, and I’m always available to write a py script or two.

(Pooba) #11

Thank you VERY much SW.

Now maybe i’ll actually be able to begin mkaing a level for my character.

sometimes the character will seem like it isn’t responding to the light: this is most likely because you have painted on the character with vertexpaint, and that paint doesn’t register light, unfortunately…

Acually Seacigar, vertex paint does respond to light. How do you think i made Roller 2 look like it was light sensitive? it was! also, my character in the movement demo is also all vertex painted.


(joecool) #12

it still won’t let me download…

(SeaCigar) #13

:slight_smile: Hey, Pooba. I figured that out earlier, but it’s good that you corrected it anyway.

(ineedanewbi) #14

the REAL bug/error with real time lights is with armatures.

lights work pretty well with high poly models, but on a character with an armature there are big problems.

u may already know what i mean, the light stays where it is on the character as if it is not moving from its original positiion. as in if light is on the top of the hand, and u turn the hand over, the bottom of the hand now facing up is dark.

kind of stupid, im not sure if this problem is fixed with publisher…
another problem, can you have more than 20 sounds in blender? when it gets to databrowse, the sound actuator cannot choose a sound.

(cluh) #15

ineedanewbike: They fixed that armature/light problem on publisher

(SD) #16

woah nice screens my friend, looks impressive. Keep it up!

(joecool) #17

I still can’t download…sigh… :frowning:

(Haunted-House) #18

Those are nice screenshots! :slight_smile:
Will you be realesing a demo soon?

(mainman) #19

hey S_W thanx for the link Ive been looking 4 good textures for a while, but I never thought of using Quake textures or something like that…stupid me…I used to make my own shabby textures… :o