HEEEELP LOL viewports

hi again guys to avoid getting shouted at for bumping i thaught i would creat this thread my problem is my viewports i know this is simple but for the life of me i cant figure it out now i have a bugati veyron i want to model and i have the top the side the rear and the front and thanks to some freindly guys i sorted out the orientations of the viewports to match up

however the problems comes when i try to model because the pics are differant sizes when i take the plane or cube to the edge of the car on 1 viewport it overhangs the same position on another viewport this is a realy annoying problem that anyone with half a brain cell could fix however it seems that recently my one and only brain cell has gone on vacation ime trying to follow this tutorial


and adapt it to my needs but i cant get past the first page because of this annoying problem i have done everything that the tut suggets but to no avail ime having to cut and past the pics ont seperate paint files to make the seperate pics and i think this is whats causing my trouble if there is anyone who could resise these pics i would be greatfull

I think I know what is causing you trouble. They aren’t aligned up correctly so when you add something in one view port, you get it way off in the other view port. (If I am way off forget this post :P).


Use these buttons below to change the view and align up each image in each individual viewpoint until they are perfectly aligned. Hope this helps!

Not resized… just repositioned. The views are a pretty close match as they are. Sometimes you just have to guesstimate the differences.


hey thank you u were both right i changed the layout and then set the offset and now everything is fine thanks guys u were a great help:)