Heh, problem solved... Very easily

Is there a way to duplicate a model (with armature) into another scene?
I have my Alien model with an armature here in Scene, I want to duplicate it and then have it put into Scene.002. Then I’d make the duplicate real.

But how do duplicate it then put into the other scene?:confused:

Sorry btw, I am pretty new to Blender. I did do a search but there wasn’t anything I saw that would help me out.:spin:

If I can get it to work I’ll be sure to post it here.

Any help is appreciated here.

I’ve done a little more research into this but can’t really find anything useful as of now, but this thing called ‘Append’ pops up quite a bit.:confused:

But looking further into this Append feature it seems all it does is load some sort of .blend library.

ugh, so I come to ask again if anybody here knows what I’m doing wrong.

ehh help please?:spin:

HAhahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel so silly now, all I needed to do was look up the Hotkey and mouse reference thingo in Blender and voila CTRL-L!

Sorry for whatever trouble i’ve caused you lol.

On to the rendering, I 'll post the animation soon once it’s done.