Hehe look at my forum rank!!! I,m a pevert!!

I,m I the first one to see it???

That you are a groupie?


first of all, pervert is spelled with an “r”, and besides, you’re a groupie, not a pervert…in rank at least… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just realized I’m a forum guru. Kind of odd, considering I have yet to make one decent model in more than three years of modelling.

By the way, is there any future for a man that can only make skies, terrains, and particle effects?

Groupie, pervert?? What’s going on? I’m confused.


well…some time ago I saw someone with 69 post and his rank was: pervert…

so stupidly I asked my friend (logik_guy) to post a topic when he got to 69 post…but now he is at 70 so…anyway sorry I think that was a bad joke lol :expressionless: %|

Ah. That explains it. Any reason why 69 is the pervert number? Or are the admins just being wierd again? :smiley:




Can you think of a “position” that resembles a 9 and a 6 by each other?


I get it now. Although I was a bit thrown off by the first link being a chess link.


Lol, yeah, that’s just the admins making perverted jokes again :stuck_out_tongue:




That doesn’t quite count as posting links to Porno sites, but just barely. :wink: :wink: Your to young for that theeth. :o