Height Map questions

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong here. It seems simple enough but I can’t seem to make anything resembling a terrain using height maps.

I’ve looked at a few tutorials that show how to do this but it’s not working for me. Here’s how I’ve been doing it.

1- make a subdivided plane 60x60 - scale it up - apply scale
2- make new material - add texture clouds - map to (uncheck everything)
3 - go to edit mode - select all vertices and then click noise repeatedly.

this should work but it seems like everytime I do this it just raised all the vertices the same height (kind of like stucco) and a very small height at that.

I’ve also tried this same technique using a height map image as well with similar results.

I know it’s simple but what am I doing wrong?


you absolutely can’t scale the grid before applying noise to create the terrain. Even when I applied the scale and then attempted the NOISE it didn’t work.


You can scale the grid, but you need to scale it in edit mode. That way when you TAB out of edit mode, Blender still sees the grid as a 1.0 scaled object.

Put the object in edit mode press A-KEY to select all verticies, then S-KEY to scale up to the size you neeed.