heightline landscape flythrough

I stumbled on this introduction for the animation series johnny quest, i think it’s amazing

how would one go abot obtaining a similar effect and getting the lines to stick parallel to the ground?

Probably put a restraint onto the camera so it only rotates on the Z axis.

The lines are just a texture on a 3D landscape. The videos are a second texture UV mapped to specific faces within the same landscape model.

Try activating the ANT Landscape AddOn under User Preferences. Generate a landscape and fly through it.

I got to modeling landscapes with the addon alright,
thing is, the height line maps are rather quirky, depending on the vertical distribution of the verts created, the heightlines go totally bananas, and are not in anyway straight, which makes the whole animatio
I should find a way to lock the texture (a single straight green line 256x256) itself,
lock the vertical distribution of the texture,
or make a sort of height map shader that can do thhis for me
aaah, onto google again :slight_smile:

you have to make sure the texture isn’t getting stretched or it will look terrible.
What if you just modelled a simple landscape with flat surfaces and then use proportional editing to give it some shape and randomness?

Pretty simple, just select the whole terrain mesh, go into front view, and UV unwrap -> project from view in orthographic mode. Then simply add or use procedurals to create a green and black stripe pattern and have it effect the emit channel. Demo .blend + video incoming.