Heinkel He-162D Volksjaeger

I really need to get this project out of my system, so hopefully by posting it here I’ll be able to leave it alone.

I present to you the far from perfect Heinkel He-162D Volksjaeger:


I really like it. the background has a bit high contrast IMHO but the plane looks pretty good.

Thanks for the comment, I agree with you on the background and I might fiddle with it on the weekend and see if I can improve it. Also when I get a chance I will post a render of the aircraft on its own.

Here is the model on its own, I also chucked in the mesh and the images that I made for the UV wrapping:


Wow nice, I hope I get that good someday. Did you model that only in blender? How long have you been modeling?

The aircraft was completely modeled in Blender and the background was made up of a few different images put together in Photoshop.

I have been using blender on and off for about 3 years, total usage time probably sums up to about 1 year, unfortunately art doesn’t come naturally to me.

Thanks for the comments,


that’s pretty neat :smiley: i like it with the background. Good work, textures are good too

Good work, but unfortunately something called camouflage has sorta sabotaged the render. Would love to see a decent render of this on a non-green backdrop.