heli need help

i am working on a Zafar 300 and i am having problems with the front i cant get the rounded front of the heli and need feedback on how to do it to look right


Here is a wireframe from one of my helicopters. I started in the middle with a cylinder that was about 14 verts and worked from there. The fact that you are starting with a base shape like a square makes no sense to me. The real shape is cylindrical.

not on Zafar 300 it is a boxy looking heli


here’s how i would do it. you want more mesh density than what you have now if you want it to look good. tweak the proportions to make it more accurate, this should be a decent starting point.


zafarnose.blend (460 KB)

What a dumb helicopter then. Given that I would do the nose first as a cylinder, and then start to flatten the left and right sides of the cylinder. Like the last picture, he took the side 3 verts on each side and flattened them.

I would add a subsurf modifier to the existing mesh and then put in edge loops to get the shape right. If you position edge loops on the nose correctly then you should get that slightly rounded look.