hey everyone :D, im making a helicopter simulation, well trying too XD. I have used the game engine a few times before. But this is the longest time ive spent working on a game. i have a demo which you can download from www.heli-sim.co.cc. i was wondering if anyone could talk me through getting better lighting ?

all help is much appreciated !


No blend ( so, windows version only)?!

yeah sorry about that, i dont really wanna release that yet though :(, are you a Mac user ? :slight_smile:

No, a Linux one!

(hello/bye ???)

I’ll download your file and take a look at it :wink: But first I have to write this report.

Ok now. It needs a lot of work! But if your stubborn and really want to make a good helicopter simulator. Get a grip on python, texturing and level design. Look for tutorials on the forum and/or google for tutorials, you’ll find plenty of em. So just get started :wink:

James Out.

no, im no longer using the BGE, im gonna use C++ now i think, its a lot easier i think. It will take longer though, and gonna get a friend to help :D.

Thanks, Richard.