Helical gears at 90 degrees how to ?

i’m trying to model 2 gears at 90 degrees

type helical

see pic here


is there any way to do this in blender ?
may be some script or manually may be


Add Mesh, Extra Objects, Gears, Gear. Skewness makes it helical.

tried it
easy for the fist one but then how to get the other one at 90 degrees ?


skew angle not enough to match the gears must add up to the intersection angle so for 90, 45 and 45. if I understand you correctly.
are you talking about a worm gear?
Two helicals at 90 degrees would be called a ‘crossed’ helical gear, you can google it. Smaller angles are used to change direction so the shafts can be at say 30 degrees but usually only one of the gears needs to be helical. Are you just playing around or trying to actually reproduce a known object?

for a model in the merlin engine WWII
there is 2 such gears!

I did search and it looks like it is an helical gear
and yes it is a ‘crossed’ helical gear,

tried 2 script for gears and cannot get the 2 gears to work nicely

there should be a way to do that in blender

still working on a script to do an helix with a specific angle - almost done
but that wont give me a gear yet !


Ok then. I guess if the skew is not good enough it must be an extremely high precision model. Your modeling needs are probably well beyond using proportional, connected, linear and rotating the top which is how I would advise people to model this shape, but it is unlikely to work for you. Good luck!

it is easy to do the first gear with script like you did as example here
the hard one is the other gear at 90 degrees!

and your right using the twist or even simply rotating the top loop does not give a nice shape
too much distortion

I got my helix in 3D with a given slope and it is giving a nice round 3D shape
then I will see how to get it to do a nice 3D gear teeth and then use the spin tool

i’ll ask question in python forum may be it already exist !


mat be the night did bring some new ideas

doing some experiment with screw tool and getting this

not yet very nice but slowly getting there

but need lot of work to get the right shape if possible at all with screw tool


go the new script to work and get something which is not the right way
but at least it is beginning to look like it

will try again to get a more realist model


Hello, I think skew angle is too small, I try with 60 deg, and teeth almost fits.


for the model I need to do the helix angle is very small only a few degrees

but will experiment more


Hello again, gears rotation better looks on video, please watch is it what you looking for

blender file in attachement.


Helical-gears.blend.zip (321 KB)

with too small skew teeth will not fit at 90 deg. angle. If must be small maybe angular gears or worm will fits better.