Helicon4 Game (Level 2 added updated level 1)

Completed my Helicon4 game. Added level 2 and some improvements to level 1. Can finally move away from 2.25 and make some use of the new features in 2.42.

There is an exe version and a blend for those who still have 2.25 installed.

Here are a few screen shots, hopefully to tempt you to download and try it.







Unfortunately the lighting changed when I made the runtime so the water looks better in the blend.

Hope you like it. jrt

Thats pretty awesome. It remembers me of the game “hell-copter” google it or something :wink:


blender bombs when i try to play :frowning:
looks lke a really good job though hope i will get to play it somtime!


Thanks guys,

theq, The blend will only play in 2.25.


ahh thanks :smiley:

Jrt here is and FYI for you.

I just received a gift of a new laptop. AMD Sempron 3000+ 256MB ,VIA s3g Unichrome Pro video chip. Blender Renders and Animates just fine put whenever I press 'P" within the blender interface blender crashes. You game is the ONLY blender game that I have found that works and works well.

BTW: I think I have and an older version of this game from the version that you posted here.


Thanks for the reply. Are you running the game in 2.25? When I tried running it in 2.42 the frame rate dropped so much that it was un-playable.

Sorry to here about your problems, maybe someone on the forum could suggest a solution. I’m no expert in that field I’m afraid. Hope you get it sorted.


Whoa this is where I got it from…awsome work one of the first blender game(besides club silo) that had me playin for more than thirty minutes. Great work on the gameplay

If you have a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0 and update the drivers then the engine will run a bit faster. I had big problems with game engine speed until I updated the drivers for my GFX 5200 to OpenGL 2.0.

Also, collision checking takes up framerate, I found in some cases having all faces set to collision will eat up framerate faster then the actual rendering of the faces.

Hey JRT, welcome back! I tried emailing you several weeks ago (can’t remember why) but never heard back. Hope all is well. Check out the video clip on my website of my ship sim. I think you’ll like the water… :wink:

chuzzy06. Pleased you liked the game. It took quite a while to complete. I must admit I still enjoy playing it myself. Did you get to level 2 yet?

Icoxo. Thanks for the advice, unfortunately my graphics card is a bit dated (NVidia G Force 2) but I think I have the latest drivers. I don’t get much time in the summer but in a couple of months I will be buying a new computer, then I can get down to some serious game making. Regarding the collision checking, I do try to turn off collision for as many faces as possible but with this game the scenes got so big and with there being so many working instruments the logic got a little out of control. LOL!

bigkahona. Sorry I missed your email. I changed the email address on my website as I was getting so much Spam on the old one. Glad to hear you finally finished your sim, bet that was a relief! I’ll check it out and get back to you.

Thanks all, jrt.

You could show the .blend to Erwin and have him check it in 2.42, he wouldn’t mind finding out if it works or not like he’s using club silo to improve the vehicle physics.

I neglected to mention that I was running the game from a compiled exe file that I had. I do not remember where I got it from but found it when I was tranfering files over to the new laptop and decided to give it a try. As I said the only thing to do with the blender Game Engine that I have found that runs on this machine.

As I also said I think I have an older version. The screen shots that are posted in this thread do not look like the game when I run it. I will install the newest version that I downloaded fromt he link in this post and see how it runs in 2.41 and then compile it and see if it runs. I will let you know my results.

Window Washers?

Dude, I’ve never seen a helicopter with frickin’ window washers!

Sorry, kinda distracted from the otherwise great looking game :smiley:

Icoxo. Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I could show it to Erwin but I don’t really like bothering him with all the work he’s got on at present.

SHABAI. Thanks. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are quite a lot of other exes on my website, maybe some of those might work. The link is in the signature at the bottom.

Charlesworth999. Pleased you enjoyed the game. About the washers (I presume you’re referring to the wipers as there are no washers), if you take a look at these images you can see that some helicopters do have them. Thanks for taking the time to reply.




Thanks everyone, jrt.

I have been able to run the blend file on 2.42a on my 64bit ubuntu box.

2 seconds per frame though :frowning:

Looks like it will be a fun game though.

Oh, I thought “window washers” was the right word. And it’s good to know that some heli’s have wipers, as I didn’t :smiley:
That game really reminds me of an old game I once played in the days of '98. That game sucked, though. It was boring because of a lack of action.

rndrdbrian. That’s about the speed I got when I tried to run it in 2.42 on my PC. Hope you get to play it some time.

Charlesworth999. Thanks for coming back. Hope this one didn’t suck…Well not quite as much anyway. LOL!


Errrr - maybe I’ll need to clarify my last post. The sucking game which lacked action was the game from '98 I once played. Yours isn’t exactly Ace Combat either, but we’re talking about the Blender GE here :wink:
And this is the first time someone actually THANKS me for coming back to them :smiley: what an honour…

I am going to have to examine the blend file for this. This is THE ONLY blender game that runs and runs well on my new laptop. With any other I have to turn off HW acceleration just to keep blender from crashing the machine if I run them within the blender interface. I have not tried other exe fliles though. I will look around the web and see if there are other compiled blender games and use them for comparison.