Helicopter Animation Problem! Please Help

hey everyone.
I’m still fairly new to blender, but I’m working on a scene for a short film that involves a Huey UH-1 helicopter. I’m having some trouble with the animation though. I have the blades of the helicopter animated to spin, and it looks fine. But then when i animate the whole helicopter, with the blades, to move to a certain location, the blades of the helicopter get separated from the rest of the helicopter. I’ve tried making the whole thing into a group, and that didn’t work. If anyone knows how i can fix it that’d be great! If you need me to render out whats happening and upload it so you can see, let me know.

Also, a few off topic questions. Whats the keyboard short cut to set my current view to the camera view? Not 0 on the num pad, but actually changing the location of the camera. I remember doing it before, but don’t remember how.
Also, can i change the location of the active object point, and if so, how?


You may want to try parenting the blades to the helicopter body, or perhaps using a copy location constraint. Then, when you move the helicopter, the blades should be able to follow independently. Just make sure that you don’t have any location keyframes set on the blades (only rotation).

thats what i ended up doing and it worked. Thanks for the response though
for this scene I’m integrating the 3D with live action. Do you know how i can color correct the helicopter to match the footage in blender? Also, is it possible to export the animation with a transparent background?

Color correction can be done in Blender’s node compositor.

To render with an alpha channel (transparency), I’d suggest that you render a sequence of still images in a format that supports alpha channels, such as PNG or Targa.

sorry, im still really new to this
how would i render it out with the alpha channel?

Assuming you’re using Blender 2.56a, you go to the Output panel in Render Properties and make sure RGBA (red, green, blue, alpha) is enabled. Then, pick an image format that supports alpha channels (as previously mentioned, PNG, Targa, or Tiff should work fine). There are some more nuanced adjustments that can be made, depending on the format you choose, but that’s the basics.

One additional note, I’d highly recommend that you make a specific folder for putting all of these rendered still images… and point Blender to that folder with the file field in the Output panel. If you don’t and your animation is, say, 250 frames long, then your /tmp directory will be flooded with 250 different files and you’ll need to separate them manually.