helicopter blades rotation

how can i do this?
edit: i have two rotors, one vertical and the main one diagonal. they are both children of the helicopter body.


i have a helicopter consisting of an outer shell that i shaped into the shape of the body and tail, a main rotor blade facing diagonally on top, and a secondary rotor vertically placed on the end of the tail approximately 1/5-1/7 as long as the main one. i would like to animate them to have them both spin in circles… but i have no idea how to do it

IIRC, I parented the rotor shafts to the fuselage and keyed the rotation, advanced a few frames, rotated 90 degrees, insert a key frame. Advanced a frame or 2 and rotated another 90 degrees, inserted a key frame. In the f-curve editor, I set the rotation curve to linear extrapolation. (Channel > extrapolation > linear). The f-curve looked like this:

and the end result:


edit: Beat by batFINGER :no:

so that video is fake from blender or something?

The helicopter, and the dust cloud it produces are both from blender by me. The video and motion tracking data are from Sebastian Konig, a well known blender user. The screenshot of the f-curve editor is the z-rot of the main blade as it goes from 0 rotation to full speed, that’s why the curve goes from a horizontal line to nearly vertical line.