helicopter engine

hi everybody,

i have tried to develop a copterengine and the result is working as expected so far except one thing. i have made a property for the uplift, that is the force that keeps you in airborne. i have copied a python snippet from tuts4blender and changed it to fit in my blend. if you press w or s the value of the property increases or decreases and every tic the python gets the value of the property and uses it as a local force.

now the problem is that the block creates a much too high momentum that isnt controllable with the uplift. means, if the copterblock is moving up and you lower the upforce, the block doesnt loose enough kenetic energy and still flys up for seconds. any ideas how to solve it? another problem is that the copter doesnt accelerate as much as it should when you drop the nose. i have tried to reduce mass in the physics, but it makes the controlls do weird things. i have also changed the form factor which helped a little.

use arrowkey for tilt and wasd for up/down turn left/right

mouse for tilt also works.

i have planed to put it into the resources section when it works, so feel free to use it as you like. you dont even have to mention me but can if you like and if you get rich from it (5 million bucks or more), buy me a 67 el camino.


copter2.blend (617 KB)

I did this example some years ago, and at first as you mention, was kind of hard to control/fly but I ended up with this, which has more handling, and I think the behavior was quite decent.

and this, 6 years ago :open_mouth:

It has some random values to apply different wind values, to give it some “realism” :slight_smile:

I’ve tested yours and yes, for some reason it becomes very hard to maintain stable while flying.

And just to mention, I didn’t use python for my examples.