Helicopter Game Character Poll

right, theres 5 different characters to choose from:

  • Moshanator’s human: Complete, Poly Count: 820, Vertex Grouped, File
  • Abdu’s human: Complete, Clothed, Poly Count: 991, Screenshot (subsurfed), File
  • eb264’s human: No head, Mirrored, Poly Count: 464, Screenshot
  • Nitty’s 1st human: Complete, UV texured, Has Armour, Poly Count: 1111, Screenshot, File
  • Nitty’s 2nd human: No head, Topology Problems, Clothed, Poly Count: 546, File

I like mines(Not because I did it) and I also like nitty’s(1st) so Nitty will probably get the most votes:). Hope you win.

Nitty’s First gets my vote.

Moshanator - He is really skinny - you could probably widen up the distance from the back to the front up a bit.

Abdu - He looks pretty good. The GE cannot support Subsurf Modifiers (or they can but it makes them extremely high poly) He could use some textures.

eb264 - He looks quite boxy. The added pollies to round him out will be highly worth it. He needs a head too. Lol

Nitty - Great Job! I love the textures on your first model. Don’t convert the mesh to Triangles - I think that in this case, the GE just halves the triangles into more triangles and it slows it down - I don’t see why everyone thinks that converting to tris makes it run faster. Use Alt + J to convert the Triangles to quads and you’re set. The final result puts it at 633 faces.

Your second one looks quite armored. He also needs a head. Good work guyz. Keep it up!

nitty’s first is not in for consideration. The armour is the main let down. I remember saying originally that there was to be NO armour. So the next top after that will win.

Ok…Too late I arleady voted for Nitty’s first… way before. So Nitty’s first is eliminated?

shall i try remove it?

Hold up dont eliminate it yet Ill redo it in like 20 min, Ill post a new one.

Here its is…http://www.savefile.com/files/1513504
UV mapping for arms isnt that good but it can be fixed in like 10 min, I dont have enough time right now…