Helicopter Game - Finished!

This is the “Completed” thread for the Helicopter Game Project, which has been in work since February 2008. Most of the time was wasted (amongst other things we made were barrels, people, rigged cars, helicopters and an underground world), and we got 2 days over the deadline (New Year’s Eve), but the project is finished nevertheless.

If you spot a bug or know a better way of doing something you find in the game, go on and fix it, the game is all open source.

The point of the game: Collect all the yellow markers.

You’ll find directions & help when you open up the .blend file.


Oh, and feel free to post your time (shows up on the console when you collect the last marker) right here on this thread.

Have Fun!:slight_smile:


Hey, I’d love to try this, but it doesn’t have any screenshots.

How about downloading the game?:stuck_out_tongue:
The link is also in the first post.

Very nice graphics. I would advise you to post screens - there is nothing illegal in it.

ANd I would call it a helicopter simulator, not game.

Anyway, congratulation! I assume it is your first serious project.

and it’s called a Game because originally it was intended to be more like a RPG - you walk and drive around, do missions, collect helicopter parts, put them together and finally drive the helicopter.
That turned out to be way over our heads so we cut down on everything we could, resulting in the fact that it does look more like a simulator.

I added some screenies, look at the 1st post.

nice “game” :stuck_out_tongue: i like the graphics
only the controls of the chopper don`t work so good. if you lean forward the helicopter doesnt move.

Ya. It’s a nice little tech demo that will encourage others to develop more advanced Blender projects. Good job.

if you lean forward the helicopter doesnt move
Have you tried leaning forward and pressing gas? (Up + W)

will encourage others to develop more advanced Blender projects.
Let’s hope it will.

Congrats on finishing! Heh, I remember seeing this project starting… glad you guys worked so hard to get it done. Well done, and happy 2009!


Looks very good… but steering is very strange(imho).
I can hover in steep pitch/roll attitude, which gives very odd feeling.

The copter down pitch attitude (nose down) should cause a forward movement, which should require some extra throttle input to keep the steady altitude.

Very nice textures.

So is this project open and we can modify it?

glad to see it finished :smiley: controls seem a little of (specifically left to right movement). i’d recommend using a mouse cursor to direct movement, and wasd to strafe and move up/back. Fun though, and nice water/environment :smiley:

at jplur: it’s made with blender, so it has to be open, but i don’t think you can use the same name, and you should give him credit. But polite of you to ask :smiley:

Thanks and
as I said in the first post,

I finally completed the game myself. Time was 200.695114136 seconds. Anyone else?

amazing graphics! Did you make the textures yourself? If you did good job! If you didn’t could please tell us where you got them?

Too bad the physics aren’t as realistic as I hoped they would be in the end.
To the_creator: I made the helicopter’s texture but it was a temporary texture. I didn’t know Mosh wanted to use it in the final file.
Too bad you deactivated GLSL and didn’t add in any lights.

I’ll think about making a GLSL version of the game.

- AniCator

if you lean forward the helicopter doesnt move
Have you tried leaning forward and pressing gas? (Up + W)

in a real chopper you don`t have to… that was my point

That looks very nice! Love the realistic water.

Congrats guys. Even though the project got started under some persecution (mainly from me), you guys finished with flying colours (at least in my mind). I’m truly taken aback by this fantastic phenomenon.


wow… Congrats on finishing this thing. I am sorry I had to abandon this project, but I look forward to seeing your work. :slight_smile:

I love the cartoon style, and great idea for faking the water reflection ! The only problem I see is the controls… they are realy unrealistic… the helicopter keep flying even on its side… weird.

But anyway, Great island !!!