Helicopter Liftoff - CG Animation

A quick shot for the Promo of Aftermath (אחרי הסוף), my original series. See here for more:

Created in Blender, rendered in Cycles Render and Compositing done in After Effects.

Render time (including motion blur and several compositing passes) is 4 minutes per frame on a GTX Titan Black.

Helicopter Model by PapaDragon

Your model looks very similar with this one : http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/69687
I am PapaDragon from blendswap, and if you use my model don’t forget credits.
Otherwise, your animation is awesome. :wink:

You’re right, sorry! Added it (:

Some down wash from the rotors would really sell the shot. The smoke is to uniform otherwise.

It’s really convincing, except for the downward bend of the rotor blades. Under load, these bend upwards.

I do not know what ppl say is wrong with smoke… I think it is AWESOME! How did you do it? Blender smoke simulation? :smiley:

Very cool work, Erel! I had been wondering what you were up to these days. Looks like a very ambitious series, I can’t wait to see more!