helicopter progress shot

(0ptikz) #1

Hi all, I need some feedback on this model :stuck_out_tongue:

Still loads to do: Refining textures, I need a pilot and a few other little bits, but overall it’s nearly complete.


(IamInnocent) #2

What I like best is the slight fifties s-f feel it has.
Are you sure that it has enough weapons ? :wink:

(BgDM) #3

That’s pretty sweet! I think it needs more weapons! :wink:

I have a problem with the exhaust tips coming from the fuselage. They just seem to pop out. There should be a formed/molded opening or something else there for the to come out of. They just don’t look right as they are.


(kirpre) #4

I’m curious (as a relative newbie) how you did the blur of the prop.

(50 posts, woo-hoo!)

(Vidigiani) #5

He most likely has IPO set to rotate the prop and then he added motion blur in the render settings window. I did something similar with a P-40 a made a while back.

(S68) #6

Pretty cool :smiley:

what are those pink flares around?



Flying Helicopters typically have a pilot :stuck_out_tongue:

(gundamf91) #7

textures are wicked…but too many guns, rockets are way too big…u gotta make the helicopter more balanced…

(YAYA) #8

Well if you did the body with subsurf, you can delete the poly that is in place of the pipes, and then extrude the edges formed to the interior of the body!
take a look at this picture in progress and pay attention where the wires go inside the body!

(rixtr66) #9

very original.the modelling is well done(love the blur on the rotors)
textures are o.k. but they look…odd to me ?
anyway overall its very nice.


(bmax) #10

looks cool. but i agree with gundamf91 that the armament is a little exaggerated. but overall its pretty damn neat. keep up the good work!!


(pofo) #11

I really like this one :slight_smile:

Exagerated weaponry is good, perhaps try to make more evil-looking rockets (thinner and darker?)

I don’t like the checker pattern on the thinyontheside. Try making the pattern bigger or remove it. The red arrow could be pointier (what is that blob it’s pointing on?)

  1. pofo

(shibbydude) #12

nice, the textures kind of suck right now, though. I am sure that you can overcome that. Maybe add some more army green camoflauge? Nice work!

(0ptikz) #13

Hehe! Thanks for stating the obvious :smiley:

Really nice pic, btw.

(0ptikz) #14

Ouch :o

(steve343) #15

hi nice pic

hows the helicopter flying without a pilot :o

nah tis great keep it up

oh and the textures dony suck

(gecko) #16

great work!!
I mostly like the textures. how did you made the metall looking so scratched???

p.s.: if you dont like to make a pilot, use a higher mirroring on the window 8)

(shibbydude) #17

sorry! :frowning: I didn’t mean I don’t like all of the textures, I just don’t like the missile and checkerboard. Great design, though!

(dickie) #18

looks good!

maybe a tad more contrast
inn the chopper itself?

(blengine) #19

whoaaaaaa great copter! i love the style and the textures, amazing job man!

(ScottishPig) #20


Ahemm… it’s flying, there’s a cockpit, there’s a chair there’s a … wait… there’s no PILOT!!

The model is great, textures are amazing. =)