Helicopter Template

here’s a very basic helicopter template:
maybe someone want to ameliorate the “flying simulation”…then, I’ll put a complete environment “around”…maybe…

Good job mate :wink: Although I think the camera should track to it a bit differently…

Good job, as usual Oto, I agree with James about the camera though.

i took your helicopter for a ride the other day and although it wasn’t what i was looking for, still, you did an amazing job. The rotation speeds are a bit high … you could take the rpm down to .40 for the main and .80? for the rear rotor.
Increasing the damp and rotdamp values to almost full makes the helicopter easier to control and even land on the roof tops.
All in all, you’ve created a great piece for us lil hobby bush pilots :wink:

Thank you to all…I’ll check your advices!