Helicopter vs Hummer (2 Player Game) --- Updated (20th)

Ive had this little project going for a few days now, i had the idea while modeling a low poly Hummer (i was bored). I wanted to somehow make a game demo which allowed a multiplayer splitscreen which would let one player use the keyboard and the other use the mouse.

I haven’t done much with it, just set up 2 vehicles and the split screen. I did the tutorials onClark Thames site, which were very helpful. I learnt a lot, which is always nice.
For the mouse controlled helicopter i modified his fps mouse script a bit, to translate into yaw and pitch. So credit goes to him for 3 of the scripts used.

Heres the title screen

And some in game screens
http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/8365/hummervsheli20080611213nc0.th.jpg http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/773/hummervsheli20080611213jc9.th.jpghttp://img529.imageshack.us/img529/3990/hummervsheli20080611213lm2.th.jpghttp://img529.imageshack.us/img529/6296/hummervsheli20080611213os3.th.jpg

http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/4435/hummervsheli20080611213vj3.th.jpghttp://img72.imageshack.us/img72/2645/hummervsheli20080611213po3.th.jpg http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/6852/hummervsheli20080611213qs6.th.jpg

Im going to do a little more on it, theres a few issues id like to fix. But atm it runs pretty well, the helicopter can be destroyed when its health reaches 0%, but im having problems ‘killing’ the hummer.

Plus im thinking of doing a Hummer vs hummer mode and helicopter vs helicopter mode as well, which wont be to hard to set up. (and using the helicopter with the keyboard and hummer with the mouse etc etc)
Ill make a video of the game sometime soon.

Heres the demo file (Windows) (Updated 20th June)
Press H to view the game Controls
Press M to toggle the motion blur option at the title screen before entering the game.

So yeh, i was just looking to see what everyone thinks.

Very cool! But the heli’s too hard to control. It should be able to rotate more easily. I like the gun effects in the hummer :evilgrin:
edit: You have to put the camera away from the helicopter.

but im having problems ‘killing’ the hummer

Hummers are indestrucitble. you can’t kill them :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice looking game btw, downloading now

Yeh, getting the controls for the Heli right is tricky, I’ve just contacted Clark from the tutorial site to get some help changing cameras (i had some errors when i tried it)
So that way there will be one view for driving each vehicle, then another view for aiming and shooting etc, to make it easier to aim.

Ill upload a updated .blend as soon as i can.

Very true. :evilgrin:

wonderful graphics,… nice work :slight_smile:

Plays great, only difficulty is that the hummer sometimes rockets up into the air and imitates the heicopter! I guess it’s something to do with collisions… Also, shouldn’t the heli be a bit stronger than it is? But i have to congratulate you, its a cool game… even though I was controlling both at once :smiley:

Just uploaded an updated version (see first post)

Now you can change cameras using C for the hummer and middle mouse button for the helicopter. This makes it a lot easier to aim and shoot, although the helicopter aimer is very basic, more of a guide than a aimer.

I also made the lighting a bit brighter, and have changed the helicopter so you can now switch between using missiles and the chain gun. (using mouse scroll)

Press H anytime in the game to view the controls for each player, it all explains itself pretty well.

I am getting this from your link:

User is not allowed to use direct links.
Please email [email protected] for support

Here is another free service, you dont need to sighn up, just upload if you want.:

I like your models, and graphics a lot.

Hmmmm, sorry Mmph, ive looked at the link and it works fine for me. Ive redone the links just in case though, could you try it again? ill upload it a different way if its still not working. It does say on the site though that its already been downloaded a few times, so it must be working for some people.

Glad you like the models and graphics! I did the hummer at Uni, in just over an hour (includes modeling, textureing and rigging the suspension/scripts etc)
Thats how easy it is these days to set up a vehicle in the GE these days.

And hows the framerate for people who have downloaded it?
Im getting over 60fps most of the time, drops to 40 when theres a lot of missiles and bullets flying around.

i am just looking into gameing in blender and i cant create a 2-player game mode… help please

Check out this site for some helpful stuff about 2 player games.


And do some searches on the forum, theres plenty of stuff around.

I still cant get it. I will try with explorer and opera in the morning, it might be my firefox script, and cookie blocker doing it to me.

Heres one which will hopefully work :yes::yes:

Edit Removed link, see first post for the proper one


I had to have Xvid installed before I could play it, but that is no big deal, I have been meaning to install that codec anyway.

I really like the heli controls, and your sound effects!
the intro was pretty cool too.
Loved the heli model. The tail lights on the hummer where really well done too.

only suggestions I have are :
A camera that chases behind the tail of the heli.
Rockets explode when the hit terrain.
more transparency on the heli windshield

great work! :smiley:

I think i know what u mean about the tail camera, similar to the first view but not as ‘free’ so you can actually see where your going :spin: I’ll give it a go, perhaps add a third view to both the heli and hummer.

And the rockets do explode when they hit the terrain, just not always :confused: Ive tryed to get it as often as possible, and perhaps ill add a second larger shockwave or something else to make it more prominent.

And yeh, the windshield is a little hard to see though, i might change it to a green windshield actually.

Glad u got it working!

yea, I would just add a camera behind the vehicle , and parent the camera to it with control P. If you wanted to get really fancy you can snap a local (visual?) IPO to the camera, and then move it along the local Z axis, and snap another, then use a IPO with the property settings… this will give you a quick make shift Zoom if you would like it :slight_smile:

All in all it is a really well made demo game. Nice work :slight_smile:

My nephew will be visiting tomorrow, we will test it together. I agree with mmph, you made some nice models.

Thanks, and just note that the heli is pretty hard to control.

And i know what u mean now Mmph, ill give it a go sometime.:rolleyes:

Wow, nice clean game you got going there.

If you were to make a helicopter on helicopter mode, how would you create it, in relation to the helicopters colliding? Would they explode!?!?!?!?!?!?! :evilgrin:

I like this little game, they models are great!