does anyone know where i can find some multiple reference pictures or tutorials on how to model a helicopter (preferably military).


Hey Spatch!
I got this magazine a while ago, and they had a tutorial on a helicopter in it. Here is the link for the complete tutorial. It is for 3dMax, but I am sure the techniques can be used with Blender. Here is the link:


Hope it helps!

thats a neat tut. is the magazine only available in the UK I am assuming its from there because of the UK in the link.

By reference I suppose you mean blueprints, otherwise you can just do an image search at Google. I did an image search on Google anyway and it doesn’t matter if you meant reference or blueprint Google got both of them at the first page of the coolest military helicopter here.


another one (just link but you get the idea)




thats awesome thanks for the help.

also the-blueprints.com offers tons of blue prints for modeling

If you want an old model helicopter, there are often free ones avail’ in obj. format scattered on the web. It’s just the latest (fresh of the showroom floor) ones that you’ve got to do yourself. I needed a Sea king and found one after som trawling.

if i remember right i saw that helicopter atm-matt sent in a new version of Lock-on, that air simulation game and it looks veeeery good there! Would be nice to see someone do it in blender!