Any comments or criticism welcome.

I know it’s not that great but I think it’s a pretty good first model.

Good to see this in the WIP forum, there a a few people getting a bit annoyed at all the very basic work in the Finished Projects Section. Model wise, It’s pretty decent for a first model but can obviously use some Improvement. Are you modeling any particular helicopter, or your own design?

A bit of advice. The blades are too rectangular, changing them to having a curved profile will add realism. Ditch the Blue Background (World Settings, don’t know which function key it is) and it will instantly add some professionalism. The weaponry is good, but needs a texture or at least a few materials. There’s a database of materials somewhere, try googling it. A steel or iron material should work. The wings have the same issue as the rotors, they’re too blocky. There’s no landing gear, you might want to add that. The canopy/window is too square, try a series of rectangular and trapezoid windows. I’m not sure. Google some reference images and see what they’re like. And it’s very low-poly. I personally find high-poly models to be better unless being used in the game engine, because you can add a lot of detail like individual panels. And the model is very rectangular, they’re usually curved or have lots of different angles.

It’s still a good first model. But thats what I’d do to improve it a bit.

He never said that was his first model, it could get a bit embaressing if its not.

Well, it’s probably his first model posted here, hence the post count of 2.

IMO the nose nees to be (S)ized in a bit on the top part of the nose and just a tinch more then the top part of the nose on the bottom. Same goes for bottom rear. Helicopter = Air = Aerodynamics. Have you tried having fun with subsurf? I’d recommend that at least on the body, the pals and the stability wings. I do it all over and add geometry to everything but thats a personal choice. Tell us more about what your reference is? Your mind? A picture? One you have in your back yard? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You’ll get more comments on how to improve on this model if we know what your refernces are :slight_smile:

I like the texture, but i think if you start working with a round body (subsurf) you’ll notice were it repeats itself as the body will no longer have sharp edges to cover for the repeated texture.

Certainly a good start! But their is indeed room for improvement, especially if your looking for realism!



I used these two to get some ideas for the body and some other reference images for the weaponry. Thanks for the comments. I’ll check out some of your ideas.

Great job, i love helicopters. My favorite vehicle.

I disagree with you, Andrew-101. He did say it was his first model.

And Drekler, in your reference images you see what I mean about all the flat surfaces.

How would you recommend making curves? The only way I am really familiar with is with bezier curves. Is there any easy way to make curves with a normal mesh model? And also, what kind of background would you recommend?

If you press Alt-C -> Mesh you can convert a curve to a mesh!


For curved surfaces there are two generally accepted ways of going about it - subsurf and using masses of vertices. You’d probably need to restart your model to incorporate either technique. I would advise staying away from complex subsurfed meshes for now (they can end up very frustrating) so working with subdivide, loop cuts (ctrl-r) and the smooth tool (w key in edit mode - Smooth (don’t confuse with set smooth)) should work to create a reasonably good looking model. Look for tutorials, I suck at explanations.

HouseArrest - Thats two of us that have spotted andrew-101 is wrong, lets let that argument die now and focus on Drekler’s work.

drekler since blender does not have NURBS the way you can model this is this way:

start roughly with SDS and model out the basic proportions-no details

than apply the SubSurf with a level one

you mesh is a step finer now and allows better to insert details.

continue this way until you reached the desired detail level


I guess you are going with a model of your own thought even if you use what seems to be a Bell AH1 and a Mil-24 Hind as reference. You may want to browse the the-blueprint site for reference, they have a relatively nice (some have little details but this one is pretty good) plan that you can use as background.


Best of luck!

Okay, thanks for all the tips everyone. I’ll post up some more pics once I revise it some.

Actually Blender does have NURBS it’s just not as well developed as the mesh editing tools. Go into the ADD menu (Spacebar in 3d View) and take a look under the Curve and the Surface Submenu.

Well hmm nurbs here is complicating things methinks… But thats just my opinion, how i got started doing ship models (star treky transporters and such) for example is finding a side and front view of my object. I would take the cube put it smack in the middle and start extruding it based on my background images, first side view, then modify the front view then eventually the top view if you have a top background image in your case using something like this:

You need to be general in doing this ie:not too many verts, then you would want to add your subsurf modifier and start fine tuning the “roundines” using loop cut tool to add more or less geometry in certain parts, their is a good example of how to start using this technique in the Llama WIP on this forum.

This is just how I would start it, their are many other techniques, you just have to find what suits you best :slight_smile: Still I am impressed at the fact that you did this just by “eye” using those reference images, i certanly wouldn’t be able to so i figure with a few more techniques up your sleeve you should be doing great in no time! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Like i say, am no pro, just giving you options and ideas :wink:

Thanks for the comments. Here is the latest update and probably the last I will be doing on this model for a while.