Modelled a helicopter.

Does anyone know the proper name of it?

Blender internal.



Nice job,a lot of details!

Nice models, the blades look stationary tho. Try spinning them faster with some motion blur (looks like u have a little Motion blur going anyways)

Nice model.
Looks to be a Bell model 206 JetRanger.

Thnx guys.

Yeah i got lazy with the motion blur. Looking at some photos i see multiple blades being blurred right around 360 degrees. Will have another go at it.

I also regret not modelling the top part with the rest of the helicopter. Looks to ‘detached’.

Blendshadow. Thnx for letting me know.

Wow really nice! The model looks awesome and almost realistic!

Keep it up!

Wow…that’s amazing. it looks like a pic. I have no idea how you guys can make those things…great

I really didn’t want to bump this up. Really

Got back from the central coast today.

Thnks Cuby and newjoy for the comments.

nice chooper u got there and coll rendering.looks very real.