helio courier *update 7/29*

I am crazy, working 2 projects at once :o . Anyway this is the Aero L-39 Albatross, a well known central European military trainer. Also known for being one of the best jet warbirds a person can buy for the price (about 150-200,000 USD). Still kinda early but I am getting there.


Nice start. Is this the nose, or is it a really odd looking plane?

Are you using reference pics?

Ok, so much for a L39. My computer got totally trashed and my backup cd seems to be messed up a bit to so I took a new approach. This is a Helio Courier a small single engine prop plane. This render is after about 3 hours (I know, I know I am slow). I am working on the elevator and figuring out a way to make the wing transition smoother. Next up date should have most the model complete then just on to details.


It still needs quite a bit of work but here it is so far.


C&C welcome

The courier looks nice thus far. I would like to see perhaps a higher angle on it to check out the wings. The cowl is looking very shapely, but is the prop centered in the cowl? I can’t quite tell.

I have a few questions, since I’m trying to model a plane. Do you use subsurf or NURBS, and do you model it together as one shape and then separate parts out (i.e., the windshield on the fuselage)?

Well, this is my frist attempt at modeling an airplane so I am kinda figuring things out as I go along. I just basically make ribs like in real airplanes along the fusalage then I create faces all the way down (if any of that makes since) and sup surf it then move verts around to work out the little things. I plan on speperating the windows and such later. Oh, and yes the spinner is centered.

Can anyone help me figure out how to get the landing lights on there. As you can see from this pic http://www.airliners.net/open.file/061161/M/ it has 2 on the cowling and I just can figure out how to get them nice and round. I try extruding the verts in that area in but they arent shaped right and I cant get them to look right without messing up the whole cowling. Any help would be apreaciated. Thanks in advance

You can typically make a hole in the mesh that loosely contains the detail you want to add, then extrude it in and rearrange the verts in the shape of the detail (such as a landing light). If that needs more clarification lemme know.

Well, I tried to get the landing lights in but I dont like them at ALL :< !!! Anyway I made the struts part of the fuselage mesh so they looks smoother. Its got breaks and added an air intake.