"HELIOS ACHT" Adventuer Game new room's finishd


I add two new room’s to my site.

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I hope to finish some more work this week.
So keep patient for an update.


Very nice! I like the ‘worn’ look in these images. I remember the robot :D.

I only think that the textures of the sky and the floor look a bit strange (in the first image).

Keep it up.

nice mood in both images. good work

Nice work,
Especially like the varied fog-effect where we can see the
light trought all the “dust” on the loft…niiiiiice…

I really like some of these.
My favourite is probably Wohnraum - Raum 1.
It has a definite illustration style about it that I really like. I can imagine seeing this is a very good picturebook.

The problem I have with Dachboden is not that it’s not well done. Actually, I find it quite impressive, but I don’t feel that its style is consistent with Treppenhaus and Wohnraum.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of these sets. Damn the game - I’m happy just seeing the pictures. :wink: