Hell 3 First Pictures


Its first screen of Hell Mision 3 Its my new Game in Blender GameEngine

Video : http://blender.borec.cz/Hell3.avi

wow! looks great! nice textures.

im always impressed by the quality of your demos milikiller - professional looking frontends and fantastically smooth gameplay movement.

love to see a complete game based on what youve shown us thus far.



Looks fantastic! But oh how I hate lense flares…They only occur in the real world when you look through a lense! They wouldn’t happen in a first person sense unless you were wearing a helmet with a face shield or something like that. They look cool but meh not realistic :stuck_out_tongue:

Great looking game :slight_smile:

Thanks I making a very S.H.I.T. games and this is one of more.

preview of project (Hell 3 Source *.blend) is here : http://blender.borec.cz/hell3/online.zip

It have Czech subtitles. Sorry but English version is making now

Text is in Texty.dat

thats a really nice game… theres a lot of bugs hehe. and when i run the game i’m getting 12fps which is really wierd for a blender on this computer O_o. and it seems like when walking. he is running really fast lol. the footsepts go fast :P. good job. keep up the good work!

Its first prealfa test. Sound not finaly Game engine not finaly and game too.

This sample is for looking,what this game maked!

Please! No bloody violent games! I am not allowed to play them.

The game looks good! Keep up the work!


Great demo, although there are some quarks: When walking backwards or side step it’s more of a glide. In the cut scene who ever opened the door has suddenly disappeard. The lens flare is very annoying but is excepted due to the windows being there, but it’s still too big. The door that opens to the port with the 3 windows allows you to see behind the walls of the room next to it. Also at the title you can press up and hear the footsteps. Other than those things it seems like a really good game. I love the texturing, looks very profesional. The sounds are good too but still need a little work, great modeling of the weapons as well. Very impressive work and would love to see more.

:o Woah, great screens milikiller. It will be an awesome shooter. It’s kind of bloody though. A bit too bloody.

Great work on the textures too by the way. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Jason Lin

Hmmm say’s the blend file failed to load when I open it. Looks great thou :wink:

That is because the file is compressed. Try running it on 2.25.


Yes, it’s way too bloody for my tastes. :frowning:

Make it into a paintball game! Yeah, that would be nice…

nice game but very bloody

Too bloody? Not too many Mortal Kombat fans here. The blood is perfect hell at least it looks sorta realistic! It has less blood than Quake III and way less than Resident Evil titles. (Biohazard for you overseaers;-)

Well it looks good. but my comp can’t handle it :-?

Too bloody? Not too many Mortal Kombat fans here

i didn’t say too bloody

Nice textures and good menu. This runs farily well on my Celeron 766 w/64 megs of Ram and 4mb vram. But tell me just what are you supposed to do at the end of the hall. I saw the other two rooms with the blood in them but could not figure out how or If I was supposed to open those doors.

Get the key card on the desk by pushing shift this will allow you to open the doors at the end of the hall.