Hell as in my dream

So this little project needs a little introduction…

A few weeks ago I had the strangest dream. In that dream I was in hell. It was not the ‘usual’ hell with fire and so on. I was in this strange, industrial style looking room. The walls were all rusty and the room was half filled with dirty water.
There were only 4 platforms coming out of the water. Every platform was for one person. So there were 3 other people in this room with me, waiting for reincarnation.

After days I still knew exactly how this room looked like so I rebuilt it with blender.

Here is the result


I know you folks like to see some other details so:

Depth map:
Normal map:
Specularity map:
Shadow map:

Well good, except on the left pipe is that water or steam? because steam doesn’t go down… And the water looks like cement. I couldn’t tell it was water until I read the post. Have you posted in Works in Progress? You should post there first before you hit this section of the forum. Other than that, looks great! Nice DOF, very creepy… I wish I could remember dreams this vividly.

I’ve seen stranger things in dreams.

The noise on the water bump texture could use more depth, but it’s your dream, you know how it looked.

I want to be reincarnated as a Blender version.

I can picture my dreams that vividly a lot of times… unfortunately I don’t have the blending skills to recreate them. <_<

Very nice! I would say make the water less bumpy…there is no wind to make those little waves! You can put more art to it, besides of what you saw in your dream. I dont know…something like spiderweb, drawings on the wall…or what about ppl and maybe chain then up :slight_smile: Give some story to it.
Take care

the water looks like a pebbled flooring…hanging cables lacks texture. it reminds me of half-life game map instead of hell which is a lake of fire where tortured lost souls burning forever.

There is a fine line between making the scene “moody” and making the scene just plain identifiably dark.
Yours unfortunately is the latter.
I’d critique your work further and offer compliments but I can barely make out anything in the scene. :frowning:
There’s some pipes across the ceiling, and a pool or water is it?? (I’m not sure) with stepping stones.
It needs a focal point. Something that the view is supposed to look at. Throw in a spotlight over the main feature.
It’s a good effort, and I think you’ve got some good modelling skills but you’ve hidden it with low light!!

Thanks for all replies!

Yes its steam coming down from the pipe… I know its wierd but thats the way I remember it…

And you’re definitly right about the water. I updated it… its on the bottom of this post.

There is no wind thats true but the water was like that because most of the time someone was in the water. I didn’t put any human model in the scene because they would look really out of place in there.

And I thought about making more details just to make the picture more artistical but I tried to do it exactly as I saw it. Of course I don’t remember all of the details but I think I’m pretty close…

One of the biggest problems I had with this picture actually was the light of course. On my screen it looks perfect. But when I saw the exact same image on my Laptop I was surprised that the picture was much too dark.

So heres my little update:


the roof has me confused…

Do you have a ceiling in there? If you do - why is your water gets so much light?
Take most of a defuse reflection away and make it more specular - that should take away that cement look of the water away.

Water does not recieve light in a diffuse way. So either make all your lights “No Diffuse” or lower the Reflectivity of your water to zero.:cool:

Okay so here with reflection=0 of the water


Nice idea, you a fan of the doom series, yes?

Thanks! Actually I don’t really like Doom. I mean I loved Doom 1 and 2 but Doom3 was too dark and… well… didnt like that so much…

I wouldnt have done this project if I hadn’t had that dream

Hehe, well your dream reminds me amazingly of Doom3, infact it looks like a scene out of the game. Alpha labs to be precise.
Probably the dark lighting makes me think of doom aswell.

i like the ceiling.

but problems: no shadows or clear indication where the light is coming from… needs to be more dramatic. also walls are not rusty, whole place looks very clean.


omg man. are you serious…i had the exact same dream, with the exact same room. thanks man, now im freaked!

Hey, that looks more like water? Have you played around with Fresnel values?

Well , I guess it makes you his room mate! :smiley:

Geek_at: It definitely looks better, but I would still play with the lighting. Its too many light sources. I think that would look better if the light would come from outside, not from the same room. Also play with water specularity - think it needs to be sharper.

Take care

Hmm yea that makes sense. I’ll try to change the mood.

Making the mood you are thinking of is so hard…

lol dude, thats really freaky… time to start a religion isn’t it? :smiley:

Yea I’ll work some more on that water…

Very good hint! Thanks! Lightning is also very hard…