Hell Blade demon


(micro26) #1

Hi all , this is my pesonal project , a cyber demon with reference from my favourite video game Doom.
All made in blender , sculpting texturing etc.I ve also made a small timelapse for the sculpting part that i will upload later when i find some free time.

Hope you like it.

(djwaterman) #2

What I like about it is how much this looks like a piece of artwork and not just another CG render. Beautifully realized.


This is absolutely amazing, tonnes of detail, excellent concept and executed brilliantly. Fantastic! Never used that many adjectives in one sentence :grinning: good job!

(micro26) #4

Thanks guys! cheers

(Bart Veldhuizen) #5

You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

(rbx775) #6

This blew me away just now… Such an awesome piece of work, well done micro26! :slight_smile:
How did you achieve the frizzy effect on the silhouette? Im loving it!

(micro26) #7

Thank you for the featured . :slightly_smiling_face:
The silhouette effect was done using a displace node in the compositor using a blurred alpha as mask and a noise texture.
I made a render with a different bg as well with a small timelapse .

(wiimote) #8

Excellent work. Very id sofware-esque.
I personally prefer them a little more “eighties”, like the original Doom that was stealing a lot from heavy metal album covers and D&D books, but, either way, this is an outstanding piece.

(alf0) #9

nice work man

(Steven Yu) #10

Wow! Agreed with DJwaterman. Love the artwork quality behind it.

(Aotuhm) #11

Finally, no Z brush! :joy: I love it :+1:t4: