Hell-do-nism (updated 22.02. demon statue)

This is just an small detail i made for this scene. In the end it will be placed on four pilars at the both end of a bridge to hell itself. I actually have mede it little too detailde for its own good.

Head is made using box modeling.

Alright, here is some inside shots from the Hell-do-nism bar. As you can see I’ve changed the tile texture and retexturedsome other areas as well… and doorhandles. I added those.

Keep those commenst firing. and I know that stage looks crappy.

Looks cool,…i like the way you modelled the interior, but I am noticing some slight tiling on the bricks. you could go into a paint program, and change the values on a couple of the bricks that are causing the tiling effect. like i noticed there is one row of bricks near the bottom of the tile that is almost all the same value,…so if you changed a couple of those ones in that row to a bit lighter or darker, that would be half of it right there. what i usually do is to make a render of the tiled texture in blender, and open it up alongside the tile that I will be fixing, so i can look back to the tiled version to see where it’s having problems.

You are right about the tile Modron, funny that I didn’t notice that myself. Well, off to re-do it.

Nice, umm… aside form the tiling… shouldn’t there be a handle on the door? Just wondering LoL

I’ve made small time progress with this scene. Feel free to comment. :slight_smile:

just a bump. :stuck_out_tongue:

looks good so far.
I don´t like the horns of the statue. they look almost funny.
And the main bones of the wings should be not that rounded (imo).

:smiley: thanks, funny wast the attempt :smiley:

This scene is not ment to be a seriously grim version of hell… I am aiming to do something among more comedic way.

Yeah, the wing bones are rounded, they are actually quite low poly with high subsurf. I gotta decide do I really need to correct them 'cause I have not yet decided do I render these from close range.

Look really good both of them, but the doors look really big compared to the scale of the tables and chairs.

Thanks from the tip Falconis, I’ll see what happens if i scale down the doors or scale up the furniture.