Hell F-f-f-roze Over! (nudity)

BlenderNation’s Weekend Mini-Contest theme this week is “Snow.” I took it a little sideways.

This part of a full 1080p rendering, but Cycles just takes so long I had to post a detail from the full frame. I’ll put the entire image up once it’s done cooking.

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Nice. And sideways thinking works some times…

Thanks, place57! It’s usually less boring, at least :smiley:

Here’s the fulll frame sized for the forum’s regs:

You can see it in full 1080p size here: http://nymandigitalarts.showreel.tv/sites/default/files/artistgallery/397/HellFrozeOver-FullFrame.png


Good character model!

Post one’s image is much better.

The subject in post three is lost in all the background. Not only that but the aspect ratio suites the figures ratio much better in post #1

I like it; great interpretation. Great name too.

@ Writer’ Block: I like them both, and for me they both work but on slightly different levels. The “detail” crop focuses on the figure, which is good, that is the main subject, but the wider frame also makes her look more vulnerable and “trapped” by the snowy expanse, also an important part of the concept. If you go to the link with the full size, full frame image, you get that impression a lot more than in the 1024-limited version above – the best of both framings, so to speak.

Agreed, and I managed to miss the link; when looking at the full size image, I prefer the panoramic feel of the second image post.

See, Chip, now you’re headed in my direction!