Hell fire and other stuff

Some old stuff of mine I thought I’d lost when I forgot to backup before a full format of my hardrive. I found it on a friends computer today.

Pic of me, heavilly gimped

Pic of a friends face, streatched to fit over a skull I drew, done with photoshop.

Pic of a tiger, hand drawn then photoshoped

Pic taken down…

Nice pictures. Like the bright colors. As for the last picture I find it more of an artistic statement than a pornagraphic picture. The point of the picture was to create a statement not to stimulate anyone, and this is furthen enhanced by the blurriness of the background. So in my opinion this is an acceptable picture.

Nice, the first one reminds me of Alfred E Newman in a vague way,…were he to be missing a fang,…

The first one would be cooler if it had an eviler look. :< :< :<

It looks really cool though!

Yeah, I was about 16 then, kinda hard to look evil :< when your so damb inocent :expressionless: