Hell is closing up for every blenderians !

(IamInnocent) #1

When i put the pointer over ‘Smooth’ in the edit buttons (F9), the tooltip says ‘Flatten angels’

(haunt_house) #2



(Goofster) #3

Weirdhat figured it’s just a misspelling (I didn’t see that :slight_smile:
should probably be ANGLES. funyy misspelling though. will try to contact a NaN’er to see if it is on purpose :).

lets make a list of the versions it appears



(blengine) #4

hahaha i never seen that before…blender is anti angel? boo =( that cant be good for business :wink:

(joecool) #5

LOL! where is the smooth button in the edit buttons? I can’t find it.

(IamInnocent) #6

It’s a miracle ! We’re saved, the evil is no more !


Try the column that starts by ‘Beauty’ at its head, third column from the right.

(denzombie) #7

I’m in trouble, I’ve been clicking madly on that one for hours trying to see what it does. I must have squished or flattened 300+ angels.

At least I’ll have good company…

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(S68) #8

:o :o :o

That is a spelling error, it should not be ‘Flatten angels’ but ‘Flatter angels’!!!

(Ohh what an hansom angel you are, and what soft feathers, and that halo of yours is soooo shiny…)


(pofo) #9

Is that halo env.mapped :o

(Nayman) #10

i wish!

in honour of this i shave decided to take a stand as ring master…


(brains ooz out ears and i eat them)

mmmm, tastes like nayman

(bogbean) #11

I made this picture today…


and look what happened when I pressed the “Flatten angels” button…


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(IamInnocent) #12

I cried.

I laughed so hard that I cried.

Now, let’s start one of those debates : where go the angels when they’re flatten to death ?

(pofo) #13

‘SOMETIMES when all the world seems grey and dun
And nothing beautiful, a voice will cry,
“Look out, look out! Angels are drawing nigh!”
Then my slow burdens leave me one by one,
And swiftly does my heart arise and run’

And then kapoof, 14 tons. (One Ton gave us Blender, wonder what fourteen could do)

Hehe that’s the funniest in a long time. Should have had it in the weekend challenge for action. Would have gotten my vote.

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(theeth) #14

This thread is so funny, I was litteraly rolling on the floor!

I wouldn’t be really surprised if they did it on purpose… We’re talking about a company that added a monkey in the mesh menu to a commercial release :smiley:


(blengine) #15

hmmf, when i hit the smooth button, a game popped up…
i uploaded for all to see…
http://mysite.iptic.com/blengine/angel.html (sound doesnt show up with plugin??)

heres the blend(with sound)

2 megs
numpad 1,2,3 change views
arrows fly
space bar, drop anvil

lmao…fun fun is whats its about =)

(Green) #16

whats wrong with librarians?